6th Apr 2006, 15:24

I bought a 1991 CBR1000f last Aug and can't wait to get it out when it warms up here! I live in Colorado (USA) and love to cruise it in the mountains. I was just reading about changing the oil & filter, and aiding coolant, and it seems easy. I love the bike, it runs GREAT. Mine doesn't get the greatest gas mileage, but it goes!

24th Oct 2006, 09:41

I live in Brisbane Australia.

I have a 93 Japanese import CBR1000F which is the same as a 88 here. I have had it near 2 years. I ride it every weekend.

The only thing I don't like is the rear tyre is too small. When you lay in to a corner you cannot put much power down. This is where the newer bikes can pull away. I can pass a lot in the top end. Power range is 2000 to 10500.

It's OK on fuel - 230 to 280 on a tank. I only run bp98 fuel. The bike is a good long distance 2 up fun machine. Honda knows how to put bikes together.

13th Nov 2006, 17:46

I have owned my CBR1000F 88 model for about 18 months, and ride it at weekends for leisure and to work for commuting a couple of times a week.

This is a great all round bike, whether it be on the open road, in peak hour traffic or through twisty country roads around the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

I am really impressed with the smooth and ample power delivery. The narrow rear tyre can make it a bit difficult to get the power down out of a corner. It is a heavy bike and does handle a bit like the Queen Mary at times. The overall bike as package more than makes up for this.

3rd Feb 2007, 02:08

Nice to hear comments from about the globe. I have owned 12 motorcycles and currently own a '93 CBR1000F (my second 1000F). While a bit heavy compared to the latest hardware, it is an excellent sport tourer and one of the best bargains in the used market. Buyers of early models (91 and prior) should listen carefully for cam chain noise.

5th Mar 2007, 22:31

I have a 95 model CBR1000F, with around 80,000km on the clock. I bought it to replace the 94 model CBR1000F I wrote off!

The CBR is brilliant at just about anything.

I have mates with much more 'fancied' tackle - Aprilia Milles, ZX9R's & Ducati's - And not one of them can get away from me...

The wife loves getting on the back, it's great for touring, pretty damn quick, fuel economy is reasonable (I like to ride fast quite often.

It is a big, heavy sucker though. Far too heavy for the wife (she rides a GPz750), but this weight is (I feel) a bonus on open Aussie roads where the wind tends to blow lighter bikes around a lot.

Be warned - the cam chains do make a racket! This is generally considered normal.

Another touring good point - my wife is about 60kg, and you can't tell if she's on the back or not (apart from the noise).

Shane, Brisbane.

12th Oct 2007, 10:50

CBR1000F: Awesome bike, being a lanky 6'4 I have no problems on this bike. High mileage is no problem for me! Plenty of use-able power and grip.


27th Feb 2008, 10:35

I have owned a '95 CBR1000F in Melbourne, Australia for the last month. I bought it to replace a Kawasaki GPX750R that dropped a front sprocket, which broke the chain (at 110km/h) and smashed the sprocket guard alloy.

The day after I took delivery, I rode it over 400km into NSW. The next day, rode back to Melbourne with my son as pillion, dropped him in Melbourne and continued down to Gippsland, another 250km. Best longish ride I've ever had. The bike was super comfortable and confidence inspiring, even two-up. Even wore the "hero" blobs down a little in some nice twisties. Plenty of power for overtaking, even without changing gears, and awe-inspiring brakes.

Purchase price: AU$5,500 (before trade-in)

Enjoyment: priceless

Still haven't wiped the grin off, and I use it daily for commuting.

Does have a noisy cam chain which seems to improve after properly warming up, and from what I've read in this and other forums, is standard for the model.

5th Mar 2008, 21:22

I originally placed a review from Spain back in 2004. I owned a 1991 Honda CBR 1000F Super Sport European model. Like I said, I will definitely buy one again.

I enjoyed her for two years and she never let me down. I loved that bike, toured Spain with a serious grin the whole time. All I did was preventive maintenance, oil and filter changes, fluids.

I hated to sell her, but I had to since I couldn't take her back to the USA. Sold her with 43,000 kms.

Now I am back in USA, and I am lucky enough to find one, and I just bought a 1993 CBR 1000F with the linked braking system in great condition with 71,000 miles. Runs extremely well, garaged.

I continue to grin and loves every minute of my ride (Therapy). Definitely a keeper!

Highest mileage of CBR 1000Fs out there? Show us your mileage.

14th Apr 2008, 22:21

I just got a 1991 CBR1000F with the trade of my 1991 ZX1100 and 1500 dollars. Looking forward to getting that gear box. I will miss my ZX though. Pretty tough when you have been a Kawasaki man your whole life.

5th May 2008, 22:20

Hi, I am a possible future owner of one of these looking for info. I know a guy that has what he says is a 1999 CBR1000F with 9000 miles and he wants $3000 for it. I'm trying to do some research and I can't find a 1999 model? The bike is immaculate; it is red and black and the tail end, above the tail light is rounded downward. I have done a few google image searches and as far as I can tell it looks like a 1990 to me. Any one know enough about these to tell me if this sounds right, and is this a fair price? Appreciate it!

9th Jun 2008, 17:34

Hi! I have a CBR100F 92 model, 66k now on the clock and still going strong. I live in England and I'm riding to Austria in 2 weeks! Can't wait!!!

Awesome bike; comfy and fast, not quite as agile as a modern sports bike, but a lot more forgiving!

I'm now using Michelin Pilot Power tyres and I'm in love with them LOL! They just keep on sticking better than Bridgestone bt020's.

11th Jun 2008, 15:16

I just bought a 93 CBR 1000f with 40,000 miles. I was a little leary about the mileage until I started doing some research and saw that these bikes are good for a lot of miles. I'm just now getting used to riding it, since my other bike is a Vulcan 750.

The paint on this bike still looks new, and it looks like a new bike. I haven't ridden my Vulcan since I bought the CBR!! It has been averaging about 44 mpg, riding it back and forth to work.

I would love to network with any other 90's model CBR 1000f owners. My email is ronnie.daniels@yahoo.com

Anybody have over 100,000 miles?