4th Apr 2011, 06:33

The CBR1000F has to be the greatest bike ever. I had a '90 CBR1000F many many years ago. Sold, and regretted it ever since. I spotted a '91 for sale back in October of last year, and got it. I will have this one forever.

12th May 2011, 16:18

Got a 95 after returning to motorcycling after 30 years, red and white (German market colours I believe). It is a heavy bike and can catch you when turning tightly at slow speed; just seems a bit top heavy, but still looks like a new bike after 16 years, probably why it got nicked after a few weeks, but wasn't willing to let it go, so rounded up a few mates and went and got it back! As the guy said just before losing his teeth, it's a beast!

Would recommend these machines to anyone, best bike I have had, and some nice examples can be found on a small budget. Find the transmission has a bit of backlash to me, but as local bike shop says, that machine is dangerous! It's so smooth and comfortable, you could fall asleep on it! So maybe that's just me being fussy!

7th Jul 2011, 21:42

I was just reading your review, could you help me? I need to locate a right side cowl for my 1991 CBR1000F. Could you please help me.

10th Oct 2012, 16:01

Bought my '91 1000F in the fall of '91 for $6299 cash, and never regretted the purchase. It is sitting in the garage now, showing 161363 miles on the odo.

Engine was overhauled at 91k miles, and is due again.

Replaced rear shock with an Ohlins type 4; expensive ($1000) but worth it.

Replaced handlebars and exhaust with TBR units; the adjustable bars make a huge difference in comfort, and the exhaust system saved 20 lbs.

Have been in all the lower 48 states, and my longest trip was over 2 weeks long, riding everyday. Also did 1552 miles in less than 24 hours.

Can't understand why the resale value is so low for this incredible machine!

19th Oct 2016, 07:47

I bought my CBR 1000f 91 model for $600 at a pawn shop. Only came with front and rear fairing. Needed the seat recovered. She had 48,000 miles on her. Still looks rough but I've had her five years and put close to 10,000 miles on her. Only maintenance fluids, tires, and brakes. She still can hit 145mph. Great bike.

22nd Apr 2022, 12:35

As of 2022 my 93 CBR1000F has 73K miles.

Just basic maintenance... still strong and pulls hard!