6th Jul 2007, 05:12

I also own one and am happy with the bike.

I live in South Africa, and the cbr750f was brought in as a grey import, meaning that Honda SA did not import.

I am looking for a manual. I think that the model year is between 1987 to 1990; Honda SA can't help me.

The only thing wrong is the right hand indicator lens has cracked, looking from the front of the bike. I want to replace it, but can't find spares in my country.

The bike is still in its original colours is and very neat, and yes, it's underrated. The bike still performs beautiful for a machine that is twenty years old.

Hope I can get some help from my fellow bikers far, faraway.

9th Aug 2007, 16:34

I own an 1987 CBR750 Hurricane and have had no problem getting parts for it. All the body panels, seat, lights etc are the same as the first CBR1000 (jelly mould model). I have fitted the UK spec clocks from this model, so derestricting it. Also added a UK headlight; glass not plastic! I have just fitted Wavey front discs supplied via Wemoto (on the web). David Silver spares still carry some spares for this bike.

There is a web site run by a CBR750 rider with a downloadable Japanese manual for the bike. There is also lots of tech support from other riders, including a gallery of bikes. The link is http://hurricane.isalive.nl/index.php

I have sourced other parts from eBay.

I love this bike, even after owning a string of CBR 1000's; it has quicker handling due to the 18" rear wheel, but that does limit tyre choice!

Happy riding

Mark Blinkhorn

Cheshire UK

28th Jul 2008, 08:37

I just bought a 1987 CBR 750 hurricane, and although here in Australia I am unsure how many are here, it's in the original red white and blue, has been dropped once but nothing too major. It's a great bike to ride. I picked up front indicators from a CBR 1000, so if the CBR 800 exhaust fits, that's my next option.

12th Dec 2008, 12:33

Guys thanks for the advice,

I own a CBR1000Fj, WAS having a nightmare sourcing parts, read an article here, and next thing I know, I got the parts I need, off a 750 Hurricane.

Fingers are crossed I get them before Xmas day, so I can get back out on my CBR. I bought indicators and inner panel that covers the fuse box, what DO YOU THINK, ARE THEY GOING TO FIT MY, 88 CBR1000F - J, I hope so, eBay's a nightmare for returning stuff.

18th Dec 2008, 20:05

Hi guys, I also have a CBR750 grey import and need a windscreen, as mine's cracked. Which year CBR1000's would fit? I also need a choke lever, same question?

Thanks in anticipation.

23rd Jan 2009, 07:32

We imported these to UK and broke many for spares, and quite a few with primary drive train rattle, caused by the tensioner, but apart from that very robust. If you're stuck for spares try http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Superbikes4sale/_i.html?_dmd=2&_sasi=1

20th Feb 2009, 02:53

Can any one help me, I have the 87 Hurricane and need the front pipe behind the exhaust. Mine is rusted through. I am in Australia, and would love to know where to get parts, and which ones can I use off another bike?

25th Apr 2009, 08:10

Hey guys - thanks so much for your tips, however, I just wanted to double check - I need a new tail light for my 87 Hurricane 1000 -- so will a 600 tail light fit? Should I look at 88 Hurricane parts? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

22nd May 2009, 09:05

02.53 there is no primary chain in the Hurricane, timing is via cam gears. This engine is bullet proof. The CBR1000 had a problem with the primary chain tensioner.

My bike I have owned 6 years and had heated grips and givi wing rack fitted. It is very comfortable on a run and with 3 givi cases fitted makes a useful tourer.

I had to put mine in the garden shed for a couple of years after the collector box in the exhaust rotted out, and I could not find a good replacement so went and bought a Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP. After a long search I found one at David Silver Spares UK, and the bike will soon be back on the road.

14th Jun 2009, 09:10

Hi, I have an E reg Hurricane and think the chain and sprockets need replacing. I haven't removed the casing to check the front sprocket, but there is some sideways movement when the chain is moved, and a rubbing sound when the bike is moving, so I hope the sprocket is loose and it's not an internal engine drive problem. Does anyone know where I can get a chain and sprockets from?

24th Jul 2009, 22:49

Hi, chains and sprockets you can get in kits.

Chain is a 50 116 link.

Front sprocket is 15 tooth standard, and rear is a 45 tooth standard.

I've got to replace mine and going to use a did x ring this time.

Whilst I am here, if any one is breaking a Hurricane I'm looking for a right hand inner panel on the upper fairing and a clear windscreen


PS go to Hurricane is Alive, excellent resource for all things Hurricane 750.

25th Jul 2009, 07:26

I have a CBR 750 Hurricane and I just need to say what value for money, great handling, plenty quick enough, reliable, a bit tatty and could do with new panels and cans, but the best £500 I have ever spent. Amazing this bike is an E reg; when you are riding it you would think it was a newish bike. Well happy, but I would love to have the spares to do the cosmetics. 10\10.

22nd Sep 2009, 12:51

My husband is absolutely in LOVE with his 87 CBR1000. However, many of the body parts need to be replaced. I have been reading through this page, and seems that many of you know what other models might fit. I haven't seen any CBR750 parts, but lots of CBR600. Will they fit? You can email me direct lhodges31@yahoo.com. Thanks.

27th Sep 2009, 15:09

I am a very proud owner of a CBR 750 Hurricane.

Bought the bike as a non runner, and I`m glad I did.

The bike has been standing for almost 10 years because of a minor error in assembly when the motor was redone; the dowel on it output shaft had not been put in place, thus pinching the shaft, so the bike won`t move when put in gear.

This was simple to fix, now comes the hard part, I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find a complete gasket set for the motor from sump to tappet-cover?

Then I also need to find a seat and the left cover beneath the seat. And a workshop manual. I need torque`s on the head bolts and other useful bits of info.

The bad thing is I need this in South Africa.

If anyone could help, I would be very grateful!

1st Oct 2009, 11:17

Hi everyone. I have a 87 Hurricane 1000 and have an intermittent starting problem. I push the start button and I can hear the solenoid clicking, but it will not start. I have already tried replacing it and no change. I also cleaned the contacts in the start button. Any ideas as to the cause of my problem?

Thanks, Nick.