20th Feb 2010, 19:17

Hi, I also have a CBR750 1987, and it's a great ride. I have been looking for a service manual for years now, and can't find one. So if anyone out there finds one, please let me know, thanks.

You can email me here Dugliz@yahoo.com.

24th Jun 2010, 00:34

Hi, everyone, help!!! I need a clutch for my lovely 88 Hurricane. Has anyone any ideas? Would one from a 88 CBR 1000 fit, or does anyone know where I can source one from?

Roy in North Lincs.

5th Jul 2010, 09:47

Hi, when you say you need a new clutch, what do you mean???

Is it the lever or clutch plates?

14th Jul 2010, 02:02

Hi I own a 88 750 Hurricane, I am on the lookout for inner fairing parts. Can anyone help. Please mail me at strydod1@telkom.co.za

21st Jul 2010, 02:34

Hello all.

There's a website specifically for this bike.

I started it as a knowledge base years ago with no commercial interest, but you can find a lot of info in the forum over there.

The address is http://hurricane.isalive.nl (no WWW at beginning of the line)

Cheers, Crusher.

23rd Sep 2010, 03:33

I bought a 1987 Hurricane off eBay, the most beautiful bike I have ever seen; some headcase has spent an absolute fortune having it properly sprayed in the Union Jack colours. Only problem is (as sat on the bike) cylinders 2 and 4 aren't working. The bike's well down on power and you can hold the downpipes while it's running. Checked the sparks, they're really good (proper jumping right out of the HT leads!). Can't do a compression test, but I would have thought it would just be a little down on power if that was the case and would pick up when revved. Only other thing I guess would be a random double carb blockage??

Any other helpful suggestions please? supergalley@hotmail.com

18th Nov 2010, 11:08

I have been living in Japan since 1991. I bought my 1988 CBR750 in 1995. I've always loved the 'like a train on rails' cornering.

Recently an intermittent misfire developed into a complete ignition failure on cylinders 2 & 4. I suspected a coil, but it turned out to be the ignition (CDI) unit. I had also had an intermittent complete-failure-to-respond-to-the-starter-button problem some years ago.

In the intervening years there was a point after which it seemed top power was down, and all of these problems have gone since I replaced the CDI unit.

About USD300 equivalent for the ignition unit, second-hand.

10th Feb 2011, 22:16

I have purchased a 1987 CBR750 today, so it is with interest that I read these comments.

It's in gleaming gun metal over black with "Hurricane" emblazoned across it sides. As new condition with 14,000kms traveled.

There is a problem in that it is located in Japan and I'm in Australia, so I won't get to see it for at least 10 weeks.

I purchased at the twice weekly auction... there is always 1 CBR750 at each auction - always a bit of an odd man out. They finally caught my attention, probably because of the finish, as they are always very well presented... seemed to have a quality about them. I tried to purchase 1 last week, but missed out, so happy to have secured what appears to be a nice one. There seem to be plenty left in Japan despite the age. I am 56 so not looking to replicate the mini all day "TT" events we used to participate in on my Banana yellow Honda F1 750 in the 70's (TED 756) - you get jailed for that sort of recreation now..

Pity about the limited fuel range - what were these designers thinking? A "run" around these parts can easily get to 300kms and petrol supplies can be 80 - 100k's apart... roll on 10 weeks.

27th Mar 2011, 02:56

Hi there, I'm also a very proud owner of a CBR 750 Hurricane here in South Africa. Problem is though that all of a sudden, no fire on 1 and 4. I've checked the plugs and coils, they're all good. Now what? Does anyone know where I can get hold of an English Workshop Manual for this baby? I'm at sshanex@gmail.com

3rd Oct 2011, 02:24

Hi, you wouldn't happen to be in Brisbane and have sold or traded the bike with Team Moto?

1st Jan 2012, 19:08

I bought mine from the Springwood showroom in August 2010 with under 14,000 kms on it. Black and grey model. They had another at the time.

Now has 36,000 kms. I still love it.

Only thing I have had any trouble with is trying to confirm the CBR1000f Ventura rack will fit.

Does anyone know?

21st Mar 2012, 06:44

I've just got a CBR750. Seems strangled at high revs? Been told the clocks need sorting from a UK bike? Is that correct?

14th Apr 2012, 04:30

Your bike has a speed limiter or rev limiter in the head set. If you go to http://hurricane.isalive.nl/ there's a blog and description on how to disconnect it.

17th Jan 2013, 06:19

No, not me, located in SUNNY Adelaide.

22nd Dec 2015, 06:50


We bought a 1987 CBR1000F Hurricane to rebuild. It's mostly complete with the exception of the left inner panel set, which covers the fuse box next to the tank. Having a hard time finding this part, not even an 88. Saw a couple on eBay for the CBR600. Any thoughts on where I can find one or if you know of any that are compatible?

Any information is appreciated. Dagoerig13@gmail.com

20th Apr 2017, 04:06

I'm looking for intake boots for my 87 CBR750F Hurricane. Does anyone know of any other intake boots that will fit my CBR750? I cannot find any OEM intake boots.


6th May 2019, 06:12

It's May, 2019 and I have just re-commissioned and got back on the road, an old CBR750, sat in an English garden supporting weeds for four years! It is a 1987 bike and I must say it is a surprise to ride. The bike is fast and it handles fairly well. Anyone else in the Midlands still riding one? This bike is nearly 33 years old and still going very strongly. Well impressed.

2nd Oct 2020, 16:22

Hi, I have had 2. The 1st one for 6 years, and the one I have now, I brought in 2000, so I've had it for 19 years. It looks almost new as I have had it garaged all that time. It can be seen on the Honda CBR Hurricane 750 Forum.


A very underrated bike, and cheap to buy, that is if you can find one, as they are as rare as hen's teeth now.