12th Jun 2008, 23:28

Hi man great review. I got myself the new 2008 model cbx250... Just one question, where can I get this windscreen from cause I can't seem to find them?

Please help, I'm in JHB.

23rd Oct 2008, 03:50

Hi, great review! I'm also a CBX owner, bought mine a year ago & also really love it & look after it.

I also live in Cape Town & so too have to cope with the south easter...

So, just a question, do you guys ever feel like the fueling sometimes holds back when driving in a head on wind? It's nothing severe, but I sometimes feel like the bike comes back to me with a slight loss of power. Maybe something to do with the rear facing intakes for the air-box...

Have you ever felt something like this?


23rd Oct 2008, 11:29

Hi CBX riders, got mine three weeks ago, 2008 new model. Also get the "someone is holding my bike back" feeling in the wind. Realized though that more throttle solves it. You need to remember this is not a 80 KW VFR (got one for weekends). What does help is crouching whilst riding. Great bike though and verrrrryyy light on fuel. I enjoy mine and once a week I scoot to work on the VFR to keep the battery going. The CBX is much more nimble than the VFR in traffic. Happy commuting!!

14th Mar 2009, 16:11

I wrote the original review for the CBX 250. My name is Fanus le Roux from Paarl.

The bike has now done 29000 kilometers and as said, I drive it 90 km a day, 5 days per week in summer, winter and in rain. I don't spare it and my speed usually is not less than 120 km/hour.

It does not use oil, it gets 27 kilometers per liter (I have a record for every liter used from new) and I serviced the bike myself from new. I recently adjusted the valves (shimmed it).

Yes... it jerks when driving in a headwind and driving downhills. Sometimes this makes me mad, but then I just open it up and the jerking is gone. I've changed plug, changed air filters, opened and cleaned the carburettor (this wasn't necessary) 4 times, adjusted idle mixture may times, but no dice... it jerks.

I've changed the front sprocket and chain on 20000km and that's the only real expense I've had.

It goes to 140k/h easily without a glitch, and really, this is an unburstable motor. I'll report again!

10th May 2009, 09:25

Hey Fanus, thanks for the info!

I'm from Stellenbosch, and I'm considering getting into motorcycling. The closest I've gotten to riding a motorbike is downhill mountain biking ;). I weigh 100kg, but even so, I don't want to get anything too powerful, being a beginner. Would you recommend the CBX as a first ride?



21st May 2009, 04:18

I also have a '07 CBX250, which is now on 19000km (21/5/09), and have also found this to be an excellent bike.

I have serviced it mine myself from new using Castrol GTX 20W/50 SG, changed the plug every 12000km and the oil filter every 2nd service. I get 33km/L on my 32km daily commute and have even gone touring with my mates (one trip of 1000km and a 2nd of 2000km) without any problems. It uses no oil and starts 1st time every time.

I found the original tyres were too hard and replaced with Michelin Pilot Activ's (much much better 130/80/17 at the back to drop the revs a bit) and the OE chain was shot by 12000. Other than that, I love it. Want something bigger, but am still enjoying mine too much.

A Honda fly screen is available at any Honda dealer for around R800 and makes a huge difference and looks great. Look up the part no. on the Honda UK site under the CBF250.

6th Sep 2009, 06:34

Hello folks. This seems to be a great forum for exchanging views about the CBX 250, which I have owned for the last 3 months. It's a 2005 model with about 22000 kms on the clock. I too am using the bike for my daily commuting, which takes me too many parts of Cape Town and it's suburbs. I do between 80 and 100 kms per day. At the age of 61, I'm getting back into biking once again after a youth spent in the saddle of a Honda 50 cc, and then a 350cc 4 cylinder bike whose model name I cannot recall.

After a month of owning the CBX 250, I unfortunately came off at fairly low speed, causing more damage to my dignity than to the bike. However, the silver plastic housing for the instrument panel has cracked and new costs almost R1000.00. Does anyone have any ideas about 2nd hand spares?

My name is Peter Mouton and my email is jesspark@mweb.co.za if anyone can help.

Oh, and by the way, the CBX 250 is a great commuter, easy to handle, looks great in the red colour that I have, and I'm sure would be a fantastic starter bike for anyone, irrespective of their age. Very reasonably priced as well, even if buying brand new.

Best regards to all.

6th Dec 2010, 09:43

Hey Fanus.

Great review, thanks!

31st Jan 2011, 03:39

Hi Fanus.

If you are still around, I am moving to Paarl and will also be commuting to Cape Town daily, probably on a CBX250.

Question: What are the best times in the mornings and evenings to commute, i.e. around most of the peak traffic?


6th Mar 2011, 12:59

Good day lads.

I have owned my CBX for 3 days now, and I'm the first owner to look after it; clutch, tires, chain. Trying to catch on with maintenance, but I'm loving it, it's a lot like the Honda NT 400.

The CBX handles like a dream, the headlight is amazing, the front wheel is not shy to view the sky (I am conservative).

Unfortunately previous owners had a few accidents; my petrol tank has more dents and craters than the moon, the clutch plates need replacing, but every time I take it to work, I smile.


17th Mar 2011, 04:15

Hi guys.

I purchased a second hand CBX 250 couple of weeks ago. What a Bike! Very nippy, great commuter. Just loving it!

I'm looking to service the bike myself soon. Does anyone know of a shop where I can buy good parts?

I'm situated in the Pretoria area.


24th Apr 2013, 05:23

I am new to bikes and like the sound of a CBX250. I would like to know how many km are considered too much to buy a used CBX?


5th Jun 2013, 04:34

The surging (holding back) issue at a constant throttle at speeds above 100km/h is caused by the bike running too lean. It comes out of the factory this way and is easily fixed. Lift the needle with a thin washer and turn out the fuel screw 2 and a half turns from all the way in. If it still surges, then remove one of the rubber inlets on the air box. This should solve the problem.

I have done this to mine, and it now runs like a dream. No more annoying surging at a constant throttle opening at higher speeds.

I got the advice from my local Honda dealer, and according to them, they have done this modification to a lot of 250 Twisters.