22nd Mar 2014, 08:12

Could you let me know what Honda dealer you went to, to sort out that surging problem? It happens on my CBX 250 too, and I've had it at two Honda dealers who were unable to solve the problem - it would be great to hear where I should take it to.


16th Apr 2017, 13:20

The mechanics at the dealers say the delivery Twisters do 200 000 - 300 000km on the original engine. My bike has done 100 000 km on the original engine without being properly serviced by the previous owners.

Much more important than the mileage is the service history and who was maintaining the bike. If it has been neglected or worked on by halfwit, you are going to spend the cost of the bike's purchase price within 12 months on rectifying the problems caused by lack of maintenance.

Take the bike to the dealer or a mechanic and then price the spares of whatever they say needs to be replaced, and then add 30% to it if the bike has been poorly maintained.

I would rather buy one with 80 000km on the clock that has been regularly serviced by a competent mechanic than a bike with 50 000km with an incomplete service record where you can see the owner was not serious about maintenance.

29th Apr 2017, 20:31

You nailed it - good advice indeed. I bought a 2008 Twister in Cape Town. Very badly maintained. In 1 year I have spent R13 000 on fixing the bike - new timing chain, clutch, head gasket etc etc. If the bike is dirty, if it has faults on it, and no service history, log book, and no air filter (look under the seat), and if it is missing the original bolts on the mechanics and fairings, then the bike has been worked on by idiots and you can expect surprises.

Check the gear spline shaft selector and pinch bolt assembly. If there is any play, the bike has not been maintained properly. This could mean removing the clutch to replace the gear selector and pinch bolt etc, so allow R2500 for this.

Test drive the bike and ask the Honda mechanics to tell you what is wrong and then price the spares. The mechanics at Honda Tygerberg were very helpful.

Under no circumstances buy an old bike that has been poorly maintained. You will spend more than the bike cost within a few months just on fixing it up, and you cannot get that money back when you re-sell.