29th Jan 2008, 15:55

Does anyone know where to get parts for a 83 Honda CX650E? I live in New York, and when I bought this bike as a project bike, I had no idea it was European, so I have no way of getting parts so far.

Thanks for any leads you guys can suggest.

12th Feb 2008, 16:54

I bought a CX650 in early 1996 (84 model I think) - it was the worst bike I have ever owned. Everything broke, and some bizarre things happened, like the ignition switch melted. In 2 months I replaced the rear brake caliper, timing chain, radiator, and most of the electrics.

It was very top heavy, but having said all that it did handle well. Sold it 3 months later in disgust.

It's yet another bad example of 80's Honda engineering - big on design quirks, low on build quality.

20th Feb 2008, 22:24

As for where to get parts in the States, you're pretty much stuck with eBay, and especially eBay Canada. I've been perusing for the last month or so, and the best I can tell, there are about six of us in the States with CX650E's. Not a big market for parts.

That said, if you're looking for something in particular, shoot me an email (rcw@wolfteck.com). You never know what I might have laying around.

Also: http://stores.ebay.ca/The-Honda-CX650E-Store

22nd Mar 2008, 22:51

I purchased an 83 Honda CX650E in 2000 and absolutely love every minute riding it.

Does anybody know the production numbers for 83 and 84? The local dealer say they are worth a few bucks, but not sure about unit production numbers.

I found the secret to water pump ceramic seal life is silica free coolant. I've changed to that and haven't had an issue in years.


4th Apr 2008, 09:45

I bought a new Honda CX650E while I was working in Belgium (1984), travelled through France, Germany and Holland and when my job there ended. I loaded my bike on a dolly and carried it down to Rome where I live. Half Europe was then under the snow and the sun appeared only when I reached Florence.

I fell at once in love with this bike and I may say my bike loved me too: not one failure in 50.000 Km, maintenance performed on a regular base and that's it.

Long live CX650E! Three hurrays for this bike!


24th Jun 2008, 13:12

I think the nicest compliment a bike can get is to still be owned after 25 years. As a new engineering graduate, I fell in love with it in the showroom, and the test drive was only the start of the Honeymoon. I bought mine new in Nova Scotia in ’83 and still have it. (although it has spent the last ten years in a barn while my kids grew up) I am now restoring it as the kids now have their own jobs, and I am almost off the hook. Thanks Dave for the tip on Silica free coolant.

I agree with most of the preceding threads in that it is a bit of a handful to ride, but that is what you fall in love with. Fantastic character and now even more unique.

As for the production run numbers, at the time I bought mine – 1983 model year - I was told that 2000 only were imported into Canada, for that year. I tended to believe the source as the serial number of the only other one Ramsey’s Honda brought in was cx650ooooo806. Just two off from the one I got.

The E designator, although standing for “European” or “Eurosport” is only a clue to its styling fashion, not its intended production destination. Parts should be still available from the Dealers, and online, here in North America. Or at least I hope so, otherwise I am in for a rude shock.

Speaking of parts, I am about to go looking for caliper rebuild kits and fork seals. (Rubbers so old it’s gone hard.) Wish me luck.



4th Jul 2008, 14:58

I bought my CX last summer and I love it. Ran into a few problems with it at first, but with a little work I got them all straightened out.

Replaced the fork seals, cam chain, brake light switches, rebuilt the carbs and starter. Amazing so little work was required for a 25 year old bike.

Excellent bike, keeps up with the new "cookie cutters" on the highway. Loads of torque, sounds good, and very unique engine design. Turns heads (was pulled over by a cop just so he could look at it).

Love this bike.

6th Jul 2008, 01:13

Just bought a '84 CX650E from my neighbour 2 days ago. I rode a Honda 650 STR&TRL 10 years earlier; I have been looking for a cafe racer ever since and fell in love. Too bad it was dropped once. Only a few dings and scratches.

Stored in '96, then a full tune up in '00 when $1200 later it was unburied from a shed and walked across the street, filled with fuel, a new battery, filled the carb and started with the first push of the button.

Is it really that touchy; haven't rode it yet, no gear, no licence. Want to go out on it, but what can you do? Haven't been on a bike in 12 years. I guess I will borrow my friends bike for the test.

15th Jul 2008, 21:55

I too just purchased a CX650E, and after not riding for many years, just love it! The pickup, the sound of that engine, it is all worth the price of admission. Have not had one problem yet, and hope not to with regular check ups and that silica free coolant.

Great looking bike like most have stated, and tons of fun to ride.

paul paulito0304@hotmail.com

24th Sep 2008, 08:59

I bought my CX650e in July after looking for one in good shape for a few years. It's got only 23,000k on it, but I'm having trouble finding clutch and throttle cables, so if anybody has any info let me know.

Thanks, Robert.

Montreal, Canada.

27th Sep 2008, 16:08

I owned a CX650E back in the mid 80's when I lived/worked in Australia. My first bike was a CX500, but when I saw the CX650E up close I was smitten. I drove the bike for 2 years before I sadly had to sell it as I was returning to Canada. I had a custom full fairing put on, which was a replica of the full fairing off the CX500 and 650 Turbos. It made the bike look awesome, and I was often mistaken for a motorcycle cop. I have often wanted another CX650E, and am now actively looking.

22nd Oct 2008, 21:14

I bought my black 1983 CX650E one year old/new in 1984, after it had sat for a year in the dealer's showroom in St. Catharine (Ontario) since new. I still have it, and if it wasn't for the unsolvable mystery overheating problem I've had with it for the past 4 years or so (retired in the garage until I feel like expending more energy to sort it out), I'd have a lot more than the almost 90,000 klicks I have on it now.

The bike just fits me perfectly, and like everyone else, I love the torquey motor.

I used to love loading it up like a pack mule and going out for nice long tours. I've done the Cabot Trail with it - that was the best.

I initially put quite a lot of miles on it in short order, and as a result it's had one semi-major rebuild halfway through its life - new rings and had the camshaft polished. Had to replace the mechanical water pump seal a couple times, new cam chain tensioner twice I think, and I replaced the solid rubber intake port tubes, which had developed cracks/air leaks.

A long time ago, I had the guys at Ontario Honda fit lube nipples on all the major pivot points on the Pro-Link rear suspension joints (an original design oversight if you ask me).

BTW, I've found Metzlers to be the best tires for it: ME33 Laser front and ME99A Perfect rear (and I've tried a few other brands), just my preference.

The bike is built like a brick you-know-what, and I can't imagine ever selling it. The next guy would never appreciate it the way I do, and for the little money it would sell for, it's not worth it, to me. It's a classic design that seems to age well. Hope I do too, so I can keep riding it forever.

Geoff (Toronto)