13th Sep 2011, 05:05

"I now own two of these bikes. At 40k miles, the starter clutch, cam chain, and stator all crapped out. Both bikes. This is a definite issue to the CX650 engine."

This is really an issue with the starter motor. The earth path for the earth brush is inadequate, and a wiring mod, strapping the brush to the body of the starter fixes starting issues.


31st May 2012, 20:01

I was just wondering. I'm trying to sell my 1983 CX650C for 2600. It has been completely redone; new tires, battery, and lot of other stuff, but anyway a guy told me that the bike brand new in 1984 was only 2300 dollars. What was the actual MSRP at that time?

Thanks, Mike.

23rd Jul 2012, 20:14

In answer to Mike on May 21st. relating to the 1983 retail price of a CX650E: the Looney had then about seven fold+ today's purchase power.

Also, I agree with you, it is a lovable old beast, I would not sell mine!


At: Vicenza, Italy.

27th Aug 2012, 02:19

I simply love the bike!! I scored a black '83 CX650E for $2200 CND!! 4x ~300km trips in a week! And it ran like a top!! Got up to speed real fast when getting back on the highway! Decent gas mileage!

The only problem was "throttle thumb", and it's a bit of a beast going around tight corners!! Cruised at 110 - 120kph without a whimper, and still had lots of throttle for passing! Considering I had never been on a highway and never rode the bike in rain (killed two phobias that day!!!), it handled marvelously!!!

The growly sound is a bonus, because drivers actually hear the bike and don't try to murder me!!

40 000+ kms on the bike, and it runs excellently!

2nd Jan 2013, 15:01

I am glad you like the CX, but they were only produced in 83 and 84.

2nd May 2013, 00:21

I agree with the comment of frame alignment, and would like more info from the fellow who straightened yours.

Please reply to saintpeter11@hotmail.com.

If others read this and have questions, try stringing the wheels for alignment. If you don't know how to do this - ask an old timer.

We used to do this to make sure the chain was running true on our dirt bikes.

Cheers, Pete.

9th May 2013, 07:15

I paid $2695 CDN for mine in Sept 1983 (I still have the bill of sale AND the bike). This was a price reduction though, because at the time, the bike market was in a slump and dealers were offering pretty good discounts. I think the non-discounted price would have been around $3,000.

18th Aug 2013, 21:26

I agree with you on the CX650E. I got the white one (ya, I know) from my brother for 500 bucks. He had it sitting for 10 years, and the tank, tires, brake pads, and a bunch of the rubber, and carbs were done. I'm almost done with the rebuild, thinking about some long distance tours 1000+km... The only other bike like it for new is the Moto-Guzzi... and that starts at 7500 bucks Canadian.

4th Jun 2014, 07:57

Great bike. I have had mine for 5 years. It still turns heads. I had a CX500A new in 1980, and the 650 is such a better bike, though a little clumsy at low speeds.

Will never sell this bike, and I have had about 15 others.

15th Jun 2014, 12:03

Hi Folks: I bought my black CX650E brand new off the dealer's floor in Sudbury back in 1984. After sitting covered in my garage for a long time due to the cost of insurance in Manitoba, I finally put it back on the road last year. Spent a little over $1200 on new tires and a complete check up. The spring tune up was a lot less this year, and the shop owner complimented me on the shape of my 30 year-old Honda. It is still a blast to ride, and like most other 650Es, it still turns heads. Glad to read that most of the other owners love their bikes as much as I do. Stay safe everyone, and have a great summer!

25th Jun 2014, 05:05

I feel that you may have underrated this motorcycle, as I have one and enjoy everything about it. As a classic now (32 years)... it is in showroom condition and has never been dropped.

Sorry for your luck. If you disliked it from the start, maybe you should have left your money in your wallet. Remember there were approx. 1200 sent to Canada; those of us who held on and took care of our rides; they are worth more now than the original store price. I was offered $9000.00. I have number "7" off the run and the motor has never been opened. Matching frame and motor makes the deal. This baby is mint, sorry you feel this way.

Kindest Regards, Mark.

25th Jun 2014, 05:33

I simply enjoy my CX 650 E and so does everyone who asks where I bought and if they have any more. A head turner, and in showroom condition. I have a lot of pride in my workmanship. If you're looking for hard to find parts, email me. From decal replacement to hard to find parts.. Regards CX 650 E, #7 off the lot. josheph@fibreop.ca

6th Dec 2014, 01:51

Hello - I'm also in Manitoba, and I have two 650e's (one 1983 black, a real good runner, and a white 84, as well as a half a parts bike). Reply to this if you would like to talk CXs, parts, etc.

23rd Jan 2015, 22:23

Hi from John in the UK. It's a long time since you wrote about your bike.

Someone is selling one not far from my city. What would I look for, as this bike has 32,000 on it?

You can email me. Just to give me your thoughts on your bike. The bad side and the good side... but you could be no more, as this site with you on it is over 9 years old.


13th Feb 2015, 02:51

There are lots of parts on eBay UK.