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13th Sep 2011, 05:05

"I now own two of these bikes. At 40k miles, the starter clutch, cam chain, and stator all crapped out. Both bikes. This is a definite issue to the CX650 engine."

This is really an issue with the starter motor. The earth path for the earth brush is inadequate, and a wiring mod, strapping the brush to the body of the starter fixes starting issues.


31st May 2012, 20:01

I was just wondering. I'm trying to sell my 1983 CX650C for 2600. It has been completely redone; new tires, battery, and lot of other stuff, but anyway a guy told me that the bike brand new in 1984 was only 2300 dollars. What was the actual MSRP at that time?

Thanks, Mike.

23rd Jul 2012, 20:14

In answer to Mike on May 21st. relating to the 1983 retail price of a CX650E: the Looney had then about seven fold+ today's purchase power.

Also, I agree with you, it is a lovable old beast, I would not sell mine!


At: Vicenza, Italy.

27th Aug 2012, 02:19

I simply love the bike!! I scored a black '83 CX650E for $2200 CND!! 4x ~300km trips in a week! And it ran like a top!! Got up to speed real fast when getting back on the highway! Decent gas mileage!

The only problem was "throttle thumb", and it's a bit of a beast going around tight corners!! Cruised at 110 - 120kph without a whimper, and still had lots of throttle for passing! Considering I had never been on a highway and never rode the bike in rain (killed two phobias that day!!!), it handled marvelously!!!

The growly sound is a bonus, because drivers actually hear the bike and don't try to murder me!!

40 000+ kms on the bike, and it runs excellently!

2nd Jan 2013, 15:01

I am glad you like the CX, but they were only produced in 83 and 84.

2nd May 2013, 00:21

I agree with the comment of frame alignment, and would like more info from the fellow who straightened yours.

Please reply to saintpeter11@hotmail.com.

If others read this and have questions, try stringing the wheels for alignment. If you don't know how to do this - ask an old timer.

We used to do this to make sure the chain was running true on our dirt bikes.

Cheers, Pete.

9th May 2013, 07:15

I paid $2695 CDN for mine in Sept 1983 (I still have the bill of sale AND the bike). This was a price reduction though, because at the time, the bike market was in a slump and dealers were offering pretty good discounts. I think the non-discounted price would have been around $3,000.

18th Aug 2013, 21:26

I agree with you on the CX650E. I got the white one (ya, I know) from my brother for 500 bucks. He had it sitting for 10 years, and the tank, tires, brake pads, and a bunch of the rubber, and carbs were done. I'm almost done with the rebuild, thinking about some long distance tours 1000+km... The only other bike like it for new is the Moto-Guzzi... and that starts at 7500 bucks Canadian.

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