30th Jun 2009, 00:21

Hey guys.

I'm from Australia and I just brought a H100A here for 100$ AUS.

It seems to be a great little bike..

Starts first kick, blows a little smoke as it should, and yeah the only problem I have is I keep blowing globes.

I read in one article on this page that without a battery I could fry the rectifier, I hope that isn't the problem..

It seems to be a fun bike to ride, but I haven't ridden mine yet due to a flat tire. I'm glad to see these bikes are very common and popular

Safe riding guys!

27th Sep 2009, 19:06

H100S was my 1st bike. They're great, fast, around 60mph, 80 mpg and very low maintenance.

Check battery regularly and top up with distilled water, DON'T run out of oil, and you'll be fine.

Only problem is that they're very small, even for a learner bike, and if you're a grown man you'll feel a bit daft riding it.

Here's a big tip: Fit only Michelin Pilot Sporty. Other brands are cheaper, but wear out in no time and don't grip half as well. IF YOU'RE GOING TO RIDE A TIDDLER, IT'S GOTTA BE 2 STROKE!

16th Dec 2009, 16:10

The H100A was my first bike way back when I was 17, and I had it for 3 happy years riding it for many many miles all year round.

Now I'm 35, I have bought one for £100, it's in a bad way, but I hope to restore it to its original condition.

It's a light blue and most of the chrome is pitted and badly scratched, no lights throughout and no front mudguard. The wiring loom looks OK, with just a few bad spots, and the seat needs replacing or recovering.

Any advice that you guys can give would be very much welcomed, I'm buying as many new original parts as possible, but this is limited to the fact the bike is rare now.

Has anyone found a decals set?

14th Jul 2010, 23:19


I live in Australia and own a H100A from 1980. It was given to me from my uncle who had bought it from my great uncle for 100 bucks. It was in very good condition when I got it, considering its age. The only major thing was that the piston needed to be replaced, as it had been running on straight fuel.

I am anticipating to restore it for my L's, but at the moment I'm quite happy to bore around the farm. So far I've had to replace the chain, spokes and piston. At the moment it's in the mechanics getting some work done on the gasket.

Great bike, love it.

23rd Jan 2011, 04:35

Hi - I've managed to pick up an 1980 model for £46.00 :) Ooohh, how happy can a grown man be.. it was in a very bad way, but I intended going down the survival / rat style with it..

So far I've re-wired the front blinkers and headlight, but the housing unit is falling apart (which I will replace). I put a new chain and sprockets on it, and replaced the back brake..

I've replaced the bulbs - but still not got to the bottom of the electrical problem yet - but the wee girl fires up with one kick - and that's through the coldest winter on record, and traditional Scottish monsoons.

It's now all matte black with a yellow bio-hazard paint job on the fuel tank, and a triangle bio-hazard warning on the front and back guards - looks a million bux compared to the rusty scrap I pulled out of a garden.

So far I've just been pushing it thru the fields and pony treks in our local forestry - but once it's back together, it'll be on the road till one of us dies..

Oh yeah - she's hitting 60mph, and I put £10 in her back in October - it's now nearing the end of January, I've done about 100 miles, and I've got over half a tank left.. wish I could get that from my Transit van.

6th Feb 2011, 07:51

I've owned a 1980 Honda H100a for 3 years now. Only just started to restore her. I used the bike when I was learning to ride, for roughly 6 months before I decided to take my full licence. When I bought my 'big bike', the old H100a sat in my shed, I couldn't part with her!

Over the last few weeks, I've replaced both tyres, restored the exhaust, front mud guard and rear fender. Replaced the carburetor, battery, and replaced the handlebars with straight 'drag style' bars. I had to shorten them, but it's a much nicer feel.

Left to do is restore the fuel tank, and the wheels, as best I can to get them looking like new. The engine was running fine when I used to use her everyday.

I'm hoping to get her up and running, restored by the summer. Take her to a few shows and maybe sell her, as I want a Honda CB750 to restore next.

This is a great bike to learn all mechanics and restoration techniques on, and I've enjoyed every minute so far.

4th Mar 2012, 18:09

Hi. I just brought a Honda H100S-J 1993, taxed and tested till the end of the year, and like the rest of you, I love riding her.

Overall she is in very good condition. One thing bothers me though; it's when it's cold, as it has loads of piston slap. When warm, it sounds great and runs great. Any ideas?

I took her to a bike shop, who said don't worry about it. What are your thoughts please? Thank you.

18th Apr 2012, 16:48


I sold my SV650s, and bought a 1984 H100SD a couple of months ago with "rough running" issues for 300 quid. It was in fair condition, with a bit of rust here and there, nothing a bit of wire wool and Autosol couldn't sort!

Changed spark plug and he's "ring dinging" nicely.. done many a 40 - 60 mile trip on the thing, pootling about and running errands, and found it to be brilliant fun, economical and utterly reliable! Real back to basics commuter, with a realistic speed of about 55mph in top at about 8000rpm (and that's on 15 teeth front and 34 teeth rear.. which is standard size).

The handling is snappy and light, with plenty of feedback, and feels forgiving enough. Brakes are distinctly "average", but feel capable should the need arise, but most importantly, it puts a huge smile on my face every time I ride! (not something the SV did unless it was ridden hard through a set of bends at a good pace...)

Not a great deal out there on these bikes, searching through forums and the like, not like the RXS, but general things to look out for are weak crank bearings, top end bearings and piston / rings. Taking mine apart confirms this, and as such, I have all the above ready to fit and just had a rebore.. as well as a carb clean and gearbox oil change.

Parts are still plentiful on Fleabay and most online spares shops.

Any biker could appreciate the H100 for what it is.. An old school, classic "L Plate" Stinkwheel, that just fulfills exactly what it was designed to do, with minimal cost and the home mechanic in mind. If you're looking for a reliable commuter, or just looking for an old 2 road going smoker, you can't go wrong, and even if something does go wrong, a basic tool kit and a Haynes manual is probably all you will need.