9th Apr 2015, 21:11


I bought a 1987 SII the other day for a few hundred quid. It was sold as a barn find but a runner, and I am really pleased with it (it will be my first motorbike!). There's a bit of rust, but nothing major, and the only thing stopping it from running was a broken fuel tap.

Well I have fixed that and am now onto fitting new brake shoes and re-adjusting the brakes.

The last thing on my to do list before I get it MOT'd are checking the electrics, charging the battery and fitting new tires. Any advice or recommendations for what tires to get?


30th Jun 2015, 13:24

Had one in 1982. Did over 60000 miles in about 4 years. Rebuilt the engine and box numerous times and replaced second gear. Very fast compared to other 100cc bikes at the time, and had CDI ignition, which was great. Terrible front brake on them - would have been a great bike with a disc upfront. Lads used to use the engine in a Honda MB50, which was very similar in the frame set up. Very happy days indeed...

20th Jul 2015, 20:28

Hi everyone.

I had owned a Honda H100A since 1980! I bought it new. My bike is now thirty five years old. It is laid up on SORN now, but I intend to restore it (a full strip down & rebuild) & put it back into service as a runabout. Before it was taken off the road in 2013, I rode it most days to & from work. Apart from a flat tyre it has never once let me down. The mechanics are both simple & bulletproof, & utterly reliable. By modern standards it is obviously lacking in a few areas - 6V electrics & drum brakes - but the H100A makes a great usable classic bike for anyone.

19th Mar 2021, 21:12

I was lucky enough to buy a black H100A in 1981; great reliable bike and lots of fun. My old bike is long gone, so a couple of years ago I purchased one that needed restoring. Did very little with it until lock-down started. I have spent hours in my shed cleaning, rubbing down and painting so will soon be ready for it's MOT. Can't wait to be buzzing around on this little bike. I have an NC750 that I enjoy during the summer, so H will be a fun little alternative.