6th Jul 2008, 17:50

If you're in the UK don't touch the LSR with a 20 foot pole.

Mine was a great bike, beat any NSR or CBR 125 from a stand and at the top end, and kept up with most 500s... Then I dropped it; took 4 weeks to get a foot peg hangar, looked all over the UK.

HONDA themselves won't help even if you beg.

So got a footpeg hanger, then the exhaust started to break down. (always dried if wet and taken care of). After a near full rebuild using small metal plates and a welder. it was fixed. Then the rev cable snapped. Could not find one to fit ANYWHERE in the UK or overseas.

Then I came off in the rain after hydroplaning on the crappy tyres in some diesel, smashing the fairing footpeg hangar AGAIN :) and the indicator...

That's when the fun began.

The guy I got the footpeg hanger off no longer dealt with the LS, and personally said just scrap it and get a UK bike.

I tried everywhere; I had London Bikes agents search all over the UK for a breaker who had one to no avail. Tried to get one from ebay, none found. Tried looking overseas websites, but couldn't find any written in english.

Finally found a fairing; they wanted £400 WITHOUT DECALS, £35 for a indicator and £40 for the hangar (I paid £20 the first time)

Eventually the bike was scraped :(

Was gutted; the engine was immaculate, it always started 1st kick and ran sweet; just the rest of the bike let it down.

Would never touch a NON UK spec bike again.

18th Apr 2010, 11:50

I have a Honda LS 125, and what a fast 125. I've been on bikes since about 13, and the LS is by far the fastest 125 I've been on (some may say different). Beats any DT 125, NSR 125, CBR 125, (easy), but just picking up on another guys comments; it's impossible to get parts, so unless you have a dealer that deals in Honda LS parts, don't touch. I've now got an NSR 125, and it seems to be OK to get parts. I've not tried yet, but there are some dealers out there.

16th Feb 2019, 23:11

Don’t crash your bike? Simple.

23rd Nov 2019, 14:57

Still have an LSR 125 and it's a little flying machine. When I bought it, it had been sitting in my mate's back garden for 2 years in all weathers. No fairings, wrong mirrors, indicators, kick start pedal. Was running(ish) but needed a top end rebuild. Worn sprockets, wheel damper, stretched chain, I'm sure you get the picture. All of the parts lists are written in Thai and mostly discontinued. Got onto a guy called Barry at GB Moto Racing in Chessington, Surrey. Barry managed to source all of the parts and rebuilt it for me. I've just ordered an exhaust as I've split the one that's on it. Definitely one of the fastest and lightest 125's on the road, and will surprise even some of the fastest big bikes if they're not on their game.