1996 Honda VF750C Magna from United States of America


The best bang for the buck!!!


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This bike is just the most bang for the buck. I paid $4,000 for this immaculately kept Honda, and received over $1200 in accessories. This bike is fast, very reliable, and I truly wonder why anyone needs a more expensive motorcycle, it can keep up with the 1800 VTX Honda, handles the twisties, and has great gas mileage.

Full coverage insurance with high limits is only $100.00 per year, with only a $250.00 deductible, and $3,000 in accessory coverage, this is for collision, theft, fire and anything else that you can think of.

Great bike, a great deal for not so much money.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

1986 Honda VF750C Magna from United States of America


Great buy


The only trouble I had with this bike was the horn. Other than that, this bike was perfect.

General Comments:

Very comfortable ride.

Acceleration is a little weak, but it handled great.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2008

27th Sep 2011, 20:05

Weak acceleration? If your Magna has weak acceleration, you need to take it in to the shop for repairs. This thing screams.

20th Sep 2012, 16:29

Heck... I got a 94 Magna VF750, and it outruns my neighbors 04 R6. Great all around bike. I will never own another Harley.

24th Jul 2013, 15:39

I highly doubt the Magna beat an R6. I have ridden both. The R6 has around 105 HP and weighs 100 pounds less. The Magna maybe puts out 70-80 HP. It has more torque off the line, so I'm guessing the R6 guy didn't use the clutch enough and bogged the engine down. The Magna is an impressive bike performance wise.

24th Jun 2014, 23:30

As others have already said, if the acceleration feels "weak" on a Magna (any size, any year) - something has to be wrong and needs fixing.

I've owned both an '82 V45 and now have a '94 VF750, and both have been exceptionally fast - particularly for a cruiser.

1994 Honda VF750C Magna from United States of America


The '94 Magna is a long term "keeper"


Radiator was damaged when I purchased this bike. It appears the previous owner tried to pry the radiator cap off! The neck was severely bent and the mating surface with the cap looked as if a hammer and pliers were used to bend it back. The dealer I purchased from made good by replacing it with a radiator from another '94 Magna he had for sale. All is well since.

Like other Magnas of this era, the motor surges in the 2000-2500 RPM range. It is easily fixed, as others have noted, but is no more than a small annoyance. So I'll probably not apply the jet shim fix until I have to open it up for other work. The surge is hardly noticeable if you go through this RPM range relatively quickly.

General Comments:

This bike exceeds my wildest expectations. It is big enough to take into the Chicago-area rush hours, but light enough to cruise comfortably around town. These are precisely the characteristics I was looking for.

My Magna is completely stock, yet the seat is very comfortable for 2+ hour rides for my 60 year old body. It is definitely more comfortable than the 1978 CB400T2 I owned previously for 15 years - which was an excellent bike in its time.

Acceleration? Let's just say that the first time I test rode a '94 Magna (not the one I purchased), I was glad the road in front of the bike shop is wide and not heavily traveled. With a small crack of the throttle, I used a bit more of the road width than I planned. In my day to day riding to work, I've only needed to use this quickness once to stay out of trouble. My son, who owns a 1986 VT700C Shadow, is seriously jealous!

Braking is very effective with the new brake linings this bike came with. It remains to be seen how it holds up with wear.

Fuel economy, in my view, is very good. In the nearly 1,000 miles I've put on, I am getting consistent 48-49 MPG - in about a 60/40 mixture of town/highway riding. I am very happy with this, but wish Honda had left the 6th gear overdrive in place that they used in the 1984-1986 Shadows. This would have been very effective on kicking the highway mileage up another 7-8 MPG.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2008