1994 Honda VF750C Magna from United Kingdom


The VF750c is a versatile, robust, stylish and very quick motorcycle


Now on my third battery in two years.

Wheels have a bad case of 'white rust' where the lacquer finish has deteriorated.

General Comments:

This imported motorcycle had been wrapped in polythene and stored in a back yard for two years before I bought it 2005, but was still in pretty good nick. The tank has a few pock marks here and there as you'd expect, but otherwise the paintwork is sound and bright, and the logos are intact.

Apart from being started up periodically to maintain the battery and turn the engine, nothing had been changed or added during all that time.

So with plans to clean her up, change the fluid, and prepared to spend the rest of my life polishing, I bought my first bike in 30 years.

She started up on the second attempt and I rode the 75 miles home. 10 miles into the ride I knew I had mean machine between my legs and a grin on my face that lasted well after I had returned home.

All I have done to my Magna is replace the side panels with chrome ones and polished it (a lot). I have also fitted an 'off the shelf' windscreen, which took away the pressure beating at my chest, but didn't do too much to stop my head from being buffeted about.

She has the style of a cruiser and the grit of a sports bike. It never fails to amuse me when sportier bikes pass me by and (when safe to do so) I drop a cog or two and 'cruise' right by them. (Oh that feeling) Granted I can't maintain a lead for long (80 bhp? let's be realistic here) but it's fun while it lasts.

I use my bike for work as well as for pleasure, and so while she might not win any beauty competitions in the Magna world (There are some highly maintained Magnas out there -well done guys-) I love my Magna.

PS If you haven't tried a tank full of Shell V- power unleaded, try it... The term 'S*** off a shovel' springs to mind. Happy cruising y'all.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

14th Nov 2008, 17:12

I have a '94 Magna. I absolutely love the bike. However, along with my boat, I didn't use it for 2 years. All 4 carbs froze. (My bad!) NOTE: Always turn off gas and run carbs dry if you aren't going to use the bike for a while. I had the carbs professionally rebuilt (new ones cost $1600 - ugh!) I'm selling it now because my life is taking a different course. Enjoy your "baby." It's probably the greatest bike made. I don't know why they stopped.

6th Jun 2009, 11:43

Great review.

I'm currently looking at a 94 Magna for myself, it's in Austria were I live, in mint condition with only 24500 km on the clock (but I take this with a pinch of salt).

You didn't say in the review how much you paid for the bike, the one I'm looking at is on the market for 5000 euro, a bit expensive, but bikes over here are!

Have you carried a pillion on yours? If so, does it handle as good??

1994 Honda VF750C Magna from United States of America


A great 'power cruiser' that separates you from the crowd of v twins


Literally nothing has happened with the bike. Starts up, runs fine.

General Comments:

It's my second bike. Wanted something quick yet 'cruiser' style. Also wanted a bike to handle twisties.

As stock from the factory, it's uncomfortable. Bars are too far away and somewhat wide. Seat is a disaster... too soft. Replace the bars, get a better seat. Those two things transform the bike greatly.

It's very sporty, and above 5000 will walk away from just about every other cruiser made, except for a VROD and a couple others. The wail of the V4 definitely lets people know that isn't a V twin under there.

The V4 makes a very unique sound, and aftermarket pipes really bring that out, if annoying at highway speeds. People really turn around to see what made that smallblock V8 sound.

Engine is very docile. Loaf it around at 2k, it doesn't mind.

I had to install a jet kit to get rid of a surging issue. Not absolutely necessary, but something to consider.

Brakes are horrible. Not near enough power for a 'sport cruiser' capable of blasting through the curves. A very common complaint, and HH pads don't help enough. Not much you can do about it.

It begs to be leaned over with the sport tires. This isn't your typical boulevard/weekend sightseeing cruiser. Handling is quite good.

Windshields that work are tough to find. I never did get one that didn't buffet the heck out of my helmet, so I left them off. The shield is just too far away to prevent this.

Good gas mileage, 50mpg on the highway is typical.

Headlight is dismal at best. Many opt to install a VTX light. Better bulbs don't help much.

Pillion pegs are too high up and beg for lowered versions. Comfortable once they are installed.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007

7th Jul 2008, 20:41

A very helpful review.

I've got a stock Yamaha XV1100 and I was looking at a nicely upgraded VF750C (pipes, Mustang seat, re jetted, dynoed, etc., etc.). The Honda looks like a great bike but I'm probably going to upgrade my XV1100 instead. Tough decision because this guy spent a chunk and I could get the VF750C for what my Yamaha is worth. I guess it comes down to I'm going to stick with the devil I know. Much appreciated.