21st Dec 2012, 07:55

I first fell in love with a 96 Magna that sat for pretty much all of its first 8 years. It now has been modded and has all the comforts that I can add, and I love it every time I ride it. I then bought a 94 that needed some TLC, and I turned that into a wonderful bike in 9 months.

So yes I have a Magna addiction, so much so I purchased a 1988 Super Magna. I have also turned this one into a pretty bike. It handles a bit better than my third gens, and it moves as well. These bikes are totally the most bang for your buck. Get a lightly used one for under 3 grand, and you will totally enjoy it.

Check out the details of my Magnas: http://nebular10.tripod.com

19th Sep 2013, 06:15

Do you have any build threads? Are you on v4musclebike.com?

9th May 2014, 14:52

Where can I find the 800 VFR? I've been waiting to put a bigger motor in my 94 Honda Magna.

10th Nov 2015, 03:22

Don't know what your V-Rod is turning, but my old 97 VF750 Magna makes it to 60 mph in 4 sec flat. You might edge her out by a nose if you're lucky.

10th Nov 2015, 03:53

80 MPG??? 107 MPG??? I think you guys are running rich. My 97 with 87,000 on it, and no valve adjustment needed yet, gets 120 min and 135 max MPG, with over 6 tenths in reserve. Reg. gas.

9th Mar 2016, 14:30

I have a 94 Magna, they are a great bike, mine is highly customized looks wise.

18th Jun 2016, 15:33

I have a Third Gen Magna. The factory label on the frame says it is a VF750R C. Look for that online and you won't find it. So I did more research. Come to find out that the third Gen 750 motor is a VFR engine with some modification to it. The pistons are slightly smaller, and if my memory serves me right, the stroke is shorter as well.

26th Nov 2019, 03:41

135 mpg?!? Hahahahahahahahaha...