6th Sep 2010, 11:25

With windshield, and bags, riding this bike on a windy day was like a near death experience. You'd think with the raked out front end, it would have wanted to track fairly straight on the open road. Not so. It was a handful, and trust me when we got to the twisting mountain roads, cornering this thing was like a crapshoot, even at low speeds. With the oversized front tire, parking lots were also a hell of a lot of work. The only thing I can say that I was impressed by was that V-4 750 engine.

If you're in the market for an entry level cruiser, or want something lightweight for your wife to ride with you, either pass this one up, or get her some really great life insurance.

20th Mar 2011, 20:53

My Magna tracks great in the wind, & I live near the Altamont Pass with the windmills. I have a CEE Bailey windshield; not as big as most & I am only 5'7" @ 170lbs. I don't have bags, but do want to get a set of LeatherLyke Traditionals.

22nd Mar 2011, 06:28

Try a different windshield, I have a Memphis Shades windscreen, and have gone 120 MPH with no wobble or scary handling, Also try putting the rear shocks on full damping. It made a great difference on my bike, from when it was set on its softest setting, Good luck!!!

6th Aug 2011, 15:59

I have a 94 with 43k miles. It idles smooth below 1k after warm up. Had it re-jetted, removed baffles, pulls good below 3 grand for sneaking in or out. K&N air filters, larger jets and no baffles greatly improved performance with synchronizing the 4 carbs. They must be on the money. Need a lot of open road if the 9k shift point is used in all gears. Get a crotch rocket guy to tune it; a cruiser guys won't have a clue.

16th Oct 2011, 01:37

I have had 47 bikes, 2 of them new HDs, and my 95 Magna is the best for the dollar. I purchased my Honda for $1800, and put 1000 in it. If you want a smooth, fast, comfortable cruiser, the Magna is it. I have had a Kawasaki 750LTD, a Yamaha 600 Radian, a GS1000L Suzuki, and a Honda 650 Cruiser, and the Magna rates above them.

27th Apr 2012, 03:43

Just purchased a 1998 750 Magna with 9100 miles on it. Can't wait until the weekend to take it out for a long ride.