1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor from United States of America


A great, fun, reliable bike to own and ride


When purchased, I had to replace the fork seals, so I added progressives springs/shocks for enhanced performance.

The seat was worn with one small tear.

The chain and sprockets have been replaced.

The tires front and back have been replaced.

Right now I'm experiencing minor electrical problems. I think it's a fuse problem.

The windscreen is a windscreen in name only as it screens minimal wind.

Brake pads are to be replaced next week.

General Comments:

Being 6' 2" tall, I may be too tall for this bike, so it is a little uncomfortable for long rides.

I love the "outdated" performance of the bike. I'm 59 years of age and I don't need a sport bike with tons of power.

This bike's reliability is fantastic. I bought it in 2004, rode it for two years, gave it to my son, who stored it outside for three years and he gave it back to me.

After being exposed to the elements (with a small cover) it sustained some minor wear and tear, but is solid as a rock even after all these years.

The bike is quick enough for a 59 year old person such as myself.

What a hoot to ride!!!

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Review Date: 28th April, 2009

9th Nov 2009, 14:32

Hello, I happen to own a 1984 Honda FV700F Interceptor that I purchased in 1985. The motorcycle was not prepped and it was stored for years at a friend's house. When the gas prices went up, I started using it again. Unfortunately, the diaphragms in the carbs went bad and had to be replaced. Once replaced, and with a new battery, the bike started right up and runs just as good as when I stored it 5 years before. I agree that these bikes were made to be very reliable.

1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor from Canada


Great bike with great history


Most of the things my bike needed were basic consumables:

Fork seals needed replacing.

Front brake pads needed replacing (because of leaking fork seals).

Starter clutch needed springs replaced (easy job).

Seat needed recovering.


General Comments:

The handling on this bike is FANTASTIC! Especially after changing over to RADIAL tires (Had to swap in a 17" rear rim to make the switch). It is well balanced, has an excellent riding position, and you would never know it's almost 500lbs in weight.

This bike is pretty quick. Sure, there are other bikes out there that are much faster (now) but it's never had a problem getting a grin on my face.

The seating position on the Interceptor is great. I am out 5-6 hours at a time, and I don't get cramped up like others. Wrists aren't killing me either.

There's allot of negative press out there about this model having bad or pitted cams. I can't speak for others, but the cams in my bike are in great shape (especially if you consider it's over 25 years old!). Don't have an oil mod, but DO run 100% synthetic oil.

Overall I've had ZERO problems with the Interceptor and would recommend it to anyone.

Great bike. So great it started the whole sportbike thing.

Two thumbs up.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

19th Nov 2009, 14:17

I would like to know which radials and which wheel kit was used for the switch?

1983 Honda VF750F Interceptor from South Africa


Great bike for commuting and fun riding


Speedometer cable snapped twice.

Hooter works intermittently, despite being replaced with a new unit.

Petrol leaks from carburettor when standing on side stand, owing to plastic floaters (according to dealer).

Manual choke not very effective.

Rear-view mirrors cannot be set properly to see traffic behind if the rider is slightly bigger than average (taller, not fatter).

Bikini fairing/windscreen not effective, more for cosmetics.

General Comments:

Quite quick and moderately powerful.

Excellent handling ability, especially in congested traffic situations.

Great commuter - I use it daily over a distance of approx. 45 km per day, 5 days a week.

Parts still available, despite the bike being almost 25 years old.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2007