19th Dec 2006, 11:48

I just passed my full test yesterday and I've had my nc30 sittin in my garage for three months.

It was the most amazing ride. That might be because I rode a Dragstar, the power's there, but not in your face. It wasn't too scary as I just got off a 125 two hours before.

It's cheap to insure as well.

Overall I'm over the moon.


27th Mar 2008, 15:43

Recently bought a 92 nc 30. Is anyone there that can give some good advice about this little beauty? See I'm used to driving a CRF 450 moto cross and obviously that is a beast, so the VFR feels like a Honda 50 compared to it. So what can be done to improve its performance?


23rd Dec 2008, 19:57

I used to get my tires from the back of a motorbike shop where they also used to race 916's. - FREE!

I own a V-strom 1000k3 now and want another nc30 to race!

Ps. Have moved cities and have just found my new free tires from the back of the local bike shop.

1st Sep 2014, 10:01

The CRF's power will always boss the V4 of the VFR.

Like all 450 singles, they're just SO much fun. It's impossible to compare a road bike to them.

I had a KTM XCW 2010 450 (American spec) and a GSXR 1000K4 Ltd Ed at the same time. The 160 BHP from the 1000 was boring after the KTM, just simply because you can't slide, wheelie and corner all at the same time on a 1000cc sports bike. That's unless you are on a track of course ;-)

KTM 450 - my best bike ever, & I have had around 60+ bikes now. Currently on my 2nd GSX1400 after recently getting rid of my 7th Bandit 1200...

Incidentally, the Ltd Ed K4 was a close second to the KTM, but still the gulf between them is too great to ever compare them directly.

Offroad wins every time! Unless you bang some road wheels and tyres on; then you have a totally different ball game!