11th Nov 2009, 22:24

Hey just to let you know my VTX was about 70% built in the USA in a factory in good ol Ohio, and FYI a lot of Harley parts come from overseas, so to all you Harley made in the USA riders, I love HD, my favorite is the Softtail Deluxe. They may put em together in the USA, but the parts come from all over the world.

Ride safe.

17th Dec 2009, 01:36

Have a 2007 VTX1800 and have been riding it for 2 years. Overall I like the bike very much, with some caveats.

There is more torque than you'll ever need. I love the stability on the highway, and the ability to pass another vehicle at will. The bike is very smooth, and quiet, which I like.

At low city speeds (under 2 mph) the bike rides like a tank. I am a big man, and still have nervous moments where I think I'm going to drop the very heavy bike.

The seat hurts my tailbone after 2 hours of riding. I have placed a sheepskin on it, which seems to help some, but expect to replace the seat soon with a softer model.

I love the seating and handlebar positions, they are perfectly set for me.

I hope to keep my bike for many years, adding customizations when I can afford it.

21st Apr 2010, 09:31

I used to own a Shadow Aero and I loved it, but it was under powered, so I wanted to stay with Honda for its dependability, so I bought a VTX 1300C. It is a great bike and has tons of power, as much as anyone needs. Because I bought the 1300C model which is very sporty, I also had a desire for the true cruiser, so I bought the VTX 1800T... I couldn't part with the 1300C so I kept it, and find it light and agile, and with the sporty bars and footpegs, it is a lot of fun to ride.

The 1800T is a beautiful bike with the footboards and swept back bars, windshield etc. It has more than enough power with the fuel injection and 1800cc. Its heavy enough to sit on the road nicely, and it is very dependable like all Hondas.

13th Sep 2012, 20:39

I own two VTX's. Purchased a new 1300R in 2005 and bought a new 1800T in 2008. I originally intended to sell the 1300, but I like riding it so much that I decided to keep it. The 1300 is relatively nimble and has plenty of power to handle all types of cruising, including long road trips.

That said, the 1800 is a very different bike. People looking at them side by side cannot really tell the difference between the 1300 and 1800. The difference comes when you put your leg over the 1800 and fire it up. The 1800 is smoother and quieter than the 1300. But, what a difference in torque and acceleration. The 1800 is truly a very powerful cruiser. Too bad that Honda decided to quit making the VTX'S models. They are great cruisers.

1st Feb 2016, 00:41

Get an ultimate seat with backrest and you will love it!!!