9th Aug 2007, 20:32

I've been a rider since I was kid; preferred the cafe style for many years. I am 40 now and just bought my VTX1800F; I simply love it. Made the ride from Colorado Springs to Atlanta this summer... it's all good.

5th Nov 2009, 20:22

I have the 2005 VTX1800F just 2 weeks ago, have 43000 km on it, but it's just like new with all the goodies. The only one thing I've noticed when I try it on the freeway in the red zone, the throttle is not responding, and if I keep on the gas, the bike is just jerking and I have to slow down to gain throttle response, it happened in every gear.

Also the gas warning light comes on at only 150 KM. I'm very surprised that a big bike with a 18.4L (4.gal) tank's mileage is so poor, or is that something wrong with the emission control? Thanks.

26th Aug 2017, 20:05

You are hitting the rev limiter my friend. That jerking or bucking back and forth is the engine computer cutting off fuel to the engine to prevent it from being over revved from the rider. If you would shift to the the next gear before this happens, it would be smooth and relaxed. No need to race the VTX 1800 engine to the 5k plus RPM range, it doesn't make much power there. Keep the RPM between 2500-4500 and it will pull like a freight train. That is its sweet spot where the engine is making a very broad and usable torque curve. With some more riding time you will never need to look at the tachometer, you can tell when it's time to shift by the sound of the engine and the feel of the power band. You will feel it starting to lose torque dramatically and that grunt, beastly pulling sensation will taper off and go away. That's when it's time to shift.