11th Jun 2009, 17:01

Have owned my 650 for about 2 years now and still love it. Tons of looks and questions as I drive around.

My only pet peeve is that my speedo is about 10% out... reports faster than I am going to no tickets, but still annoying.

I heard a rumour of a 1400 supposedly coming out which would be great. This one is just a smidge small for me and my wife on the highway... but great in the city.

24th Jun 2009, 08:10

Had my GV650 22 months 30,000klms. For the last 6 months the bike has been awaiting parts. 2nd fuel tank on order, 2nd set of mirrors. Side stand safety switch on order. My safety and faith totally worn out.. had shockers starter solenoid, lots done and still being done, feel like registering it at dealers address. Tired of it stalling whilst riding, in fact scared of it now. Hyosung still sending parts, but I just want to ride the bike, not visit it at the dealers.. Mine's a Monday bike.

13th Jul 2009, 13:37

I've been asked to stick to the facts, so here goes.

Love the GT650R! Down sides includes dodgy fairing fixings rusting almost immediately, dodgy starter solenoid, annoying tapping noise coming from behind the front light, then there's the replacement parts ordering! I've been waiting for nigh on 6 weeks for a couple of engine mount bolts from the local dealership... to no avail as yet! Buy a Hyosung and have an adventure...

20th Mar 2010, 04:12

I had GV250; loved it. The boss said we could use a bike for work if we got a trailer for it, I chose a GV650, had a custom hitch made.

I have loved the bike excluding a few issues; plastic chrome bubbling, odometer counting when when sitting still. Dealer took care of both of those issues.

Cutout on 1st ride on a corner, haven't seen that problem since.

Side stand issue. Neutral light doesn't come on. I have replaced the switch for the side stand, but didn't fix the problem. I think it is the solenoid, not the switch with these 2 issues.

I was told I stored the bike outside, when I have not stored it outside. Got caught in several rainstorms, and rain when I was on a trip. And the dealer/Hyosung wasn't going to fix this issue.

Overall I think it's a great bike, dealer sucks, I am writing a letter to Hyosung and telling them I am looking for a company that sells an outdoors bike, not just an indoors motorcycle.

29th Apr 2010, 12:46

Hi, I have Aquila GV 650 as my first bike and it's a really fun to ride. No problems what so ever. OK, chrome flakes in some small places like mirrors, but it's nothing. Hope to get new ST7 to Slovenia in next year so I can buy it.

Best regards, sebastjan.

22nd Jan 2013, 05:12

I'm an Englishman, now living in dry and hot Australia. I have had to replace my rectifier, or you may call it the voltage regulator.

The Mauro electrician said that it seemed a common problem, and fitted a better quality one. But I only have electrical problems after washing it. It's wet in Scotland, so you can use a proper electrical grease to protect it.

Mine has done 51000 kilometers, but had some disappointment, but the warranty was excellent. Love it.

Hope it helps.

22nd Jan 2013, 06:42

I've got a 2007, 15,000 kilometers on the clock when I purchased it. It's now got 51,000.

I've maxed its speed; a very impressive 197 km/h. It's fully kitted out with fairing, screen, spots, pillion back rest, panier hard bags and fold out foot pegs for long straight trips. Looks great, and goes like you wouldn't believe.

I have had lots of things go wrong.

Fork leaks at low ks, noisy clutch; I guess I will find out soon for myself why that is, because it has just started dragging.

Rectifier wasn't working when I got it from the dealer (not good).

Flaking chrome water pump had to be replaced at 40,000; got one off the net.

Side stand broke when I went to flick it down, and the dealers don't appear to know their product very well, and today's mechanics are close to useless.

Fortunately I am very capable of fixing things for myself. The warranty was excellent though.

Australia's ridiculously bad road building technique is very hard on all vehicles. Can make riding motorbikes an adrenalin rush. High speed curves are great fun on a good road surface.

Overall, I love the look and the speed of this bike; it is very forgiving.

p.s. I also ride my 1991 1340cc Harley Davidson full cruiser.

12th Oct 2014, 00:02

If you add lights, you will likely overwhelm and burn out the stator.

10th Jan 2015, 23:23

I live in Arizona, and I now have had my GV650 for about 6 weeks. First off it's a powerful bike and the engine is solid. The braking is adequate and the handling is great. However, there are some issues:

1. Shock absorption in the front tends to travel into the handle bars; this is because of the steeper angle the front forks are at.

2. From day 1 I had an issue with the fuel sending unit and clock not keeping time; both have have been fixed under warranty, although the fuel accuracy is off, which I think is a common problem with motorcycles. Use the trip odometer to gauge when you need to fill up; I usually ride about 175 miles before stopping for gas.

3. The trim parts are plastic/fiberglass, which doesn't really bother me. As far as I'm concerned, if a piece cracks or breaks, it can be cheaply replaced.

4. My bike is black, and I've de-badged mine and removed all of the warning stickers

5. It seems to take a little more oil than the 3.5L as stated in the manual; about 150ml more.

6. Overall I like the bike as it is unique looking, very powerful for its class, and handles very well.