19th Sep 2007, 16:31

I've got a 2007 GT650R; fantastic bike, I've read on korider that a lot of people had problems with the 2005 models, but this was mainly due to a bad batch of valves; the new black framed, black wheeled 2007 model has better components and I've yet to hear a bad word said about them.

I would recommend a Hyosung GT650R or any hyo to my friends without hesitation. I can't wait for the 1200cc or 1000cc models to come out next year.

I would like to add to the people who comment on the hyo being a clone of the SV650, that they are as different as chalk and cheese; they only thing they have in common is they both have two wheels, a seat and handle bars; the hyo beats the sv hands down!

28th Sep 2007, 16:36

I just took delivery of a 650 GTR Comet, in red of course.

I have been riding for years, and have had all sorts of bikes ranging from trail, to Vespas and Harley's. Come to think of it, I still have one of each, and now a Hyosung.

My comment is simply this. The bikes are great value for money. You hear all sorts of stories about these bikes, but you should also consider how many they make and sell. In any production line there are going to be lemons. I hope that the one I have which has only done 150kms so far is not one. But I am re assured by a 2 year warranty! Dealers and mechanics play a big part in the the entire riding experience, and if they are good and honest, every problem can eventually be overcome.

As for riding, I find the bike to be well balanced, smooth and predictable. It is a pleasure to ride. I took the opportunity of squeezing the dealer to throw in a Ventura rack, tinted front screen, some sponge grips and not to mention a cable and disc lock. I give them 4 stars out of 5.

11th Oct 2007, 19:53

I have a 2005 GT650R and have had very few problems, but then I do not abuse it;

Treat it like a 650 V-Twin; with respect and care it is a great fun bike.

Hyosung had some problems, but so have BMaYamaKawiSuziDucaHarley.

Bullet proof - no.

Nice inexpensive fun bike - Absolutely.

26th Jan 2008, 14:35

2007 Hyosung GT650R (UK) black frame and wheels model.

Really good bike, stunning looks, parts are readily available from the dealers and importers, would recommend one to a friend.

Yes it's no Japanese screamer, but it's not an inline 4.

I've had no problems at all, with just over 4k miles on the clock.

I fitted a race can and it made a hell of a difference. A ZX6R can bolts straight on, and the bike seems much more alive and breaths a lot better. I can honestly say Hyosung will be as good as the Japanese in 3 years, but until then bag a bargain whilst they are cheap.

Lots of fun for your money and look great. 5 stars!!!

21st Mar 2008, 23:22

It seams to me that you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap bike, you get a cheap bike. I did not buy a Hyosung GT250R to beat on or mistreat. I have never red lined, nor do I race my GT. It however is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever set my bottom on.

I do however race my Suzuki and beat on my Honda, and they seem to hold up just fine. Even my 1973 Sportster carried me everywhere without a single complaint.

Problems with my Hyosung, hmmm mirrors come loose every 135 miles, false neutrals, bike tries to start while in gear (go figure), hard to put in first; yes I have adjusted the clutch cable, and yes I have used lock tight on the ever loosening screws, and no I have never owned a bike that has had so many problems or required so much maintenance.

My dealership was a whole other cluster of bull; they installed the brake pads incorrectly and told me the sound would go away after I broke in the brakes. Yeah, it needs a new caliper, but Hyosung won't replace and the dealer won't replace either.

I have replaced most of the parts that annoyed me with after market Suzuki modified parts. But the bike still sucks.

I have never owned a bike that I have had to put so much work into. If you want a pretty bike to decorate your garage, buy a Hyosung. If you like to ride, buy ANYTHING else.

26th Mar 2008, 19:39

I bought a 2005 GT650R last year. Waited for a month for the dealer to build. Had a few minor issues with it thanks to the mechanic that worked on it. Pinched a fuel line twice when he fitted the fuel tank after both routine service. Got just over 4000 miles and now I have to replace the battery.

Other than that, it always starts right up. Nothing else major knock on wood..

It's fast enough for beginners and comfortable. Overall it's a good bike if you treat it RIGHT. Bang for your BUCK. USA CA, Santa Rosa.

8th Apr 2008, 23:05

Just picked up a 2007 Hyo GT650R black with flames.

The mirror cracked with just 28 miles on the clock riding from the dealership. I laughed so hard. The mirrors are horrid, but that's obvious if you've ridden bikes for a while. However, it's the most well-fitted (to me) sports bike I've owned. Yes, even better fitting than my previous 929rr and ZX-12r.

A smooth and sensuous v-twin roar, almost Ducastiesque (without all the rattle). Granted, I've only have 111 miles on it since I picked it up four days ago, but it gets better and better bang-for-buck wise.

Yes, the gear-box can be notchy at a standstill, but that's something that's hard for any manufacturer I've owned to perfect.

It's really a great commuter bike, as it has a long second gear, you can really just leave it in 2 inter-city.

The engine is extremely smooth, especially for a twin, and the carburation is flawless.

Still, the front brake seems weaker that the rear brake, and the shifter pad feels like a mini-sponge.

All in all a great bike for the price. Personally, I think motorcycles have become more expensive than they should be, especially if you live in colder climates (like I do) where summer is 2.5 months (;) ), so it's nice to see Hyosung step up.

27th Apr 2008, 15:32

Wow - Hyosung comments without anyone saying that they are a piece of crap.

I own a 2007 GT650R and it's my 2nd Hyosung, the first being a 04 Comet (that's the naked one). I have 12000 miles on the bike, most of them done on the motorway (highway to Americans) and the motor hasn't yet missed a beat. Average speed for most of these miles has been around 80mph. It cruises easily at 100mph - what me officer - and it will hit 130mph easy - but no more.

Last January 3 Hyosungs met at Brands Hatch for a track day. What an eye opener that day was. Not just us Hyo owners, but also for the Gixxer and Duc boys. Some very puzzled looks were given in the paddock when they realized "Yes - it's a Hyosung that just blasted passed you".

Now to dispel some myths about the Hyosung.

1. NO, IT IS NOT CHINESE - it's Korean.

2. NO, IT IS NOT AN SV CLONE - there are no interchangeable parts with the SV.

3. NO, IT WILL NOT REV TO 14000 RPM - because it's a V Twin.

4. YES, THE BRAKES NEED IMPROVING - this is an easy fix. SS Braided front lines and a set of EBC or NISIN pads are all that's needed, and is something that Hyosung should be doing themselves.

5. IT IS THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR MONEY - don't be a sheep, everyone's got a Gixxer - do you really want to be like them.

6. THE BIKE ONLY GETS TO 130mph - yes it does, and so does every other 600-750 V twin out there. How fast to do you want to go anyway?

7. THE BIKE HANDLES - Set up the suspension for your weight and then show your 1K mates out of the corners.

8. HYOSUNG NEED TO IMPROVE THEIR DEALERS- Oh yes - my advice - get to know your dealer and the mechanic. The Hyosung is an easy bike to work on. There are no mysterious areas that are painted yellow (the only bits you're allowed to touch) and home servicing is so easy a newbie could do it (download the manual from Korider.com)

That's about it - see you at Korider.