13th May 2008, 18:16

I own a 2006 GT650R and have about 4K miles on it. I carefully followed the break-in instructions because I had read some horror stories on-line. Once the break-in was over, I got to rock and roll on the bike. It handles well, corners great, has plenty of power, once you figure out where the RPMs need to be, and is an all-around great bike.

Remember that it's a V twin and has its power band between 3000-7500 RPM. If it's feeling sluggish starting, give it a bit more throttle. Just pay attention because it will wheelie :) Also, above 7500, the bike's just making noise, so you really do have to shift if you're looking for real power.

Can't be happier with mine. Make sure you find a good dealer though, because there are a lot of them out there who don't know anything.

21st May 2008, 01:54

I own a 07 GT650S, as well as a 06 SV650S; two different bikes all together.

Anyway, as far as my HYO goes, I got it last September, and it had the 671 big boar kit, Leo carbon exhaust and 180 rear tire all installed before pickup.

Well I like the stance and how it handles way better than the SV, as well as the sound of it; both bikes have same LEO pipe, but the HYO sounds way better.

OK now the things not so good to me; the rear tail light needs to be something more modern with led lights, and the sissy H1 and H3 head lamp are not that bright at night going through S curves, even with HI beam, so I'm converting to H4 Brite-Lites.

And now for the big problem (I hope this never happens to any of my fellow HYO owners). After I got the bike, I went on a road trip down south. Well 400 miles into it, and BAM I lost my front cylinder. Got it to the dealer and the valve had broken off; go figure. Thought they fixed that in 05-06. That was the start of it.

Well I got the new motor and BB kit installed, and then the battery went to crap; replaced it. Then the regulator and stator as well as the flywheel went. OK, replaced that.

Then the regulator and stator went out yet ANOTHER time; replaced it. And NOW all three are out for the 3rd and 4th times, so now I've got it at another shop; they tell me it is more than likely a bad GROUND problem. Wow, all that BS over a ground wire. Well we will see.

OH and all this happened in just under 3500 miles, yeah. I'm thinking I'll go with another SV next time; the 06 I have has 13,500 miles and is still strong on and off the track, without ONE problem, not one.

12th Jun 2008, 10:10

Does anyone know how much a GT650R engine costs? I laid it down pretty bad one time and the rod is loose in there. I am debating either selling it or replacing it. It took the dealership 6 months to tell me that they can't fix it because they can't get an engine from the manufacturer. I am not happy with the mechanics in the shop, but I like the bike.

30th Aug 2008, 01:32

I also bought the brand new 2008 GT650R in yellow. Had a few problems with it lately. Battery problem when I first bought it, then a fuel problem where the petrol was coming out the bottom. Managed to fix all that up with the warranty.

Now got a small problem with the display. When I hit a bump, the clock resets and also the speedo jams on the speed I'm doing. This is pretty average when you're cruising past speed cameras and you think you are going slower then you really are.

With most of those problems behind me, I think the bike is pretty good. The deep sound and roar when taking off or flying past is a real head-turner. One of my mates rides a ZX6R and after he had a blat on the Hyo, he loved it!!!

31st Aug 2008, 00:10

I've had a HYOGT250R since Aug 07. I drive a lot and my bike has about 14000 miles on it, and I have not had any major problems yet. I drive it like I stole it; many red lines and burn outs.

I need a battery; mine lasted all of six months so I push start. My chain needs to be replaced as well. I lost a roller and it crackles.

Also my rear brake is shot after the first 5000 mile, and so my rotor is all chewed up.

The only other problem I have had is that my odometer says I have 5600 miles; it reset one time when I push started it. Not so much of a problem now that I think of it. But I do change my oil and do my own maintenance regularly, and I use synthetic race oil to help my hard riding of the bike.

I do love this bike, and I will be in line to buy the 1000cc version the day it comes out.

By the way, anyone that says they have a lot of issues with Hyosung being a piece should come out to Arizona were I live, because the only bikes I see broken down on the highway are Harley's, and a lot of them.

2nd Sep 2008, 16:38

I had a Hyosung GT-650R and had most of the same problems we are discussing, rear tire splitting, loose clutch, missing bolts, false neutral, dealer didn't honor warranty.

I ended up giving it away to a friend that uses it to take up space in his garage.

Other than that, it is a nice looking bike.

I now own a Kawasaki ZZR 600, had it about 4 months, no problems, way more bike. Just a little more change. You get what you pay for.

17th Jan 2009, 11:21

Read the whole review before you get upset, I put the bad first.

Believe everyone that tells you this bike has nothing in common with an SV650. The Suzuki, at $400 LESS for the standard, or a mere $600 more for the full fairing "SF" model, performs better. Argue if you wish, but numbers don't lie.

Having said that, I think the bike has largely untapped potential. Upping the power, improving handling/braking, reliability, that's all easy enough. The big issue is the weight. At 460 lbs DRY, it's already 22 lbs over the SVSF's CURB weight. This is where you have to be creative.

Overall, it's a decent bike, at a horrid price, with a lousy resale value and very little dealer support (in the U.S.). If you want to be different, and you baby your bikes, and don't mind used ones ($6,400 new, about $2,000 for a year old/low mileage), it's not bad. If you want performance, durability, a better warranty, and readily available parts, for a similar price, you can't beat the SV.

Btw, I ride an XB9SX and race an XB9R. I bought a Hyo with trashed plastics for $500 just to see if I can make it run with the big names. Being different isn't always better, but it's usually more fun.