2001 Kawasaki Concours from United States of America


A GREAT mount!


This is a fuel issue. The carbs have become plugged with debris in fuel from the gas stations. Two dealers I spoke with said that fuel contamination in the area was a problem and that they were getting new bikes returned to the shop for fuel system cleaning only weeks after rolling out of the showroom floor. My bike would not idle correctly, but was fine above 2000 rpm. A disassembly and cleaning solved the problem. An in-line filter was installed at this time.

However, this happened again 2 years later after a period of 4 months of non-use. I will try to flush the fuel system with "Gum-Out" to see if that will fix. If not, then carb disassembly time again.

Had the 500 mile service performed at a dealer. They missed two loose engine mount bolts. I took it back for them to get it right for me. This eliminated a vibration which I thought was caused by something not tight enough.

General Comments:

Great bike, I always have admired the machine before purchasing one.

I was disillusioned on my first ride though. The windshield was horrible, it's actually a turbulence generator! The after-market windshield kit by Rifle is perfect.

Also purchased the Gen-Mar handlebar risers, bringing up the bars about 1 1/2 inches without having to alter any cables, lines, etc.

Driver seat is fine, passenger seat leaves that person with an uncomfortable sliding forward feeling.

The bike is top heavy! I fell victim to the "tip-over" while leaning over to put the kick stand down. I felt cheated. One minor scratch on the lowers and a broken right foot peg mount.

I can handle the engine "buzz" by wearing a padded riding glove. The engine runs lean and I think by richening it up a bit, at least to get some tan color on the plugs, would make it run smoother.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2007

28th May 2007, 06:13

Re Vibration and engine mount bolts. Concours have always had a reputation for being buzzy, and clearing the buzz has become something of a minor art form. Visit the Concours Owners Group website: http://www.cog-online.org

Re Fuel problems. I bought a '95 back in 2000. The previous owner had done all the COG recommended fixes for the vibration, and this was still the worst vibrating Concours in my experience (this is my third one). Problem was solved when I ran a bottle of Chevron's Techron fuel system cleaner in a tank of gas. Miracle stuff... cleared the buzz out when nothing else worked.

20th Oct 2014, 23:51

Ethanol may be the culprit, clogging the carbs. I started running all gas, no ethanol, and saw a big difference fast. Small engine repair shops suggest gas additives as mentioned above on a regular basis. Ethanol seems to gum up fast. I'm using regular gas 91 octane in my truck too, and it instantly got rid of a nagging little miss I had at idle.

2004 Kawasaki Concours from United States of America


I love this bike


Nothing has gone wrong - this bike is totally sound and reliable.

General Comments:

This motorcycle has outstanding acceleration for its 600 pound weight. It will out-accelerate any Harley or car that costs less than $100,000. It will easily pull away from any car or truck that tries to harass you on the highway.

It is very comfortable on the highway - air shock makes it very smooth.

It is difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, because it is top heavy, long, and it has very limited handlebar movements.

It has a big windshield and a full fairing, so the wind doesn't hit you at highway speed.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2007

6th Apr 2008, 22:40

Need some fairing parts bracket for foot peg lower fairing. Does anyone know of parts cheap?