2006 Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 IE from Australia


Great bike, but crap quality control and after sales support


LCD odometer malfunction.

Right hand foot peg came apart.

Major rear drive leak (twice).

Fatigue crack on right pannier mount (due to incomplete weld).

Crash bars ordered with bike arrive minus the mounting hardware (and 3 months after order).

Luggage ordered with the bike arrived with the wrong hardware (and 3 months after order).

General Comments:

It is a great handling and a great looking machine, sorely let down by very poor quality control and after market support.

The waiting times for parts to arrive to fix all the warranty problems have been excessive, to the point of becoming ridiculous.

I estimate that in the 6 months I have had the bike, 40% of that time has been spent waiting for the bike to return from repairs.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 8th August, 2007

31st Dec 2007, 23:05

I appreciate any review of bikes this size and style as I am a female and recently started riding in my 40s. Apart from the issues about quality control, and getting parts to fix problems, and products arriving without mounting gear (which would frustrate the hell out of me too, particularly when itching to have my new bike all "there"), I would love to know what you actually think of the bike?

I am very interested in the riding position, long distance comfort, where the aches in the back start or how the wrists feel, any vibration, clearance when cornering, gear shift and manoeuvrability on tight bends or in traffic.

What I really want to know is HOW DID IT FEEL? Do you like it now the foibles have been ironed out?

Or do you want to get rid of it?

It would be great to get some thoughts on this.