21st Nov 2005, 13:14

You cannot blame a machine for sending you down the road when it was clearly a rider fault. You were not aware of what was going on around you and were riding too close/fast to make a controlled emergency stop.

21st Nov 2005, 17:43

I ride a Burgman, which is 185 Kg, but on 13". Well over 30,000 miles over 4 years - not a single problem...

Big auto's are useful tools in the right hands!!

28th Nov 2005, 12:55

I've got a 250 X9, I find it useful, but boring, maybe I need a 500?

I've ridden many bikes of all different shapes and sizes, and find the X9 a bit unstable in poor weather conditions.

I think that the digital dash is prone to go wrong, and it would be better if made simpler. All you need is what's provided in the analogue set up.

It's also got the image of an old man (and woman). I would rather have a Vespa 200, which proved for me a much better bike.

2nd Dec 2005, 21:48

Not sure where about's you are, but here in the land of Oz, if you run into the back of another vehicle, you don't blame the bike. It seems someone wasn't paying attention.

But on an X9 that can happen, they are a dream to ride.

6th Mar 2007, 18:09

Where can I obtain a service manual for this bike?

Piaggio x9 500cc 2003.

22nd Apr 2007, 13:59

Try the X9 owners club website, I believe they have a PDF manual, which you can download & print off.

31st Mar 2009, 14:53

52 plate X9 500, starter motor has been replaced, battery been disconnected for a number of months. New battery fully charged now fitted, the only thing that appears to work is the under seat light. No ignition lights, side lights, horn or anything. Have tried both keys as I believe this acts as the immobiliser? Anyone have any ideas?

As I say, this bike has been in a garage, could they have disconnected back and front wiring looms? Bike on loan from a friend whilst he's abroad, so, don't know any history nor have a handbook. Thanks for any help, getting desperate as my Bergman has major mechanical problems.

Thanks again.


8th May 2010, 08:32

The Piaggio X9 is an extremely safe bike. You can't blame the bike for your inability to maintain assured clear distance from the rider in front of you. When riding a motorcycle or scooter, you must be prepared for anything, at anytime. Scooters require less attention to operation and allow more time for observation. Therefore, anyone riding a scooter has the advantage of no shifting or clutch work. All you have to deal with is acceleration and braking. If you can't deal with that, you are truly a poor rider.

Sometimes, when riding any two wheeled vehicle, you can become entranced by the view of your surroundings, which can cause momentary loss of concentration, something riders can't afford. When riding on two wheels, you have to be on the defensive, at all times, because Murphy's law is in full force. If anything can happen, it will and riders must be ready to take action. Being out of control is not taking action and blaming the bike for poor operator judgement is uncalled for. This particular incident was purely operator error. Safely operated, the X9 is exemplary.

4th Aug 2011, 10:30

I also require a manual for this 500cc sl bike. Where do I get one? pacocal@virginmedia.com

19th Mar 2013, 14:44

You can download it from the net mate.