17th Aug 2008, 22:10

My experience is also excellent. I am 62, this is my sixth motorcycle and by far the best (sorry Honda).

I have about 2300 miles on it; I added a light bar (strongly recommend), passenger floor boards, engine guard, tachometer, luggage rack and Air Hawk cushions. My wife and I just love this bike: excellent ride & power and we get compliments everywhere we go. Very easy maneuverability. Latest technology and it shows.

Whenever the weather allows, I ride it to my office because it is so much fun. People keep asking me: "Is this a new Harley?" (sorry Harley). For the price, this is a steal.

27th Aug 2008, 10:52

Update Aug 26:

Have just completed a four day vacation, rode bike a total of 650 miles, now have 2700 miles on the odometer. The motorcycle performed beautifully... mileage is about 52 m.p.g.

Only complaint is the excessive noise from the engine (valve train?) and the balkiness at low speeds/low r.p.m.

Quality is definitely there... no problems whatsoever. Interstate driving is a dream.. smooth, comfortable. So far, this bike gets my hearty recommendation.

By the way, high test or regular gas seems to make no difference in performance/mileage.

30th Sep 2008, 14:17

2nd Update:

Just finished a 3 day bike trip of about 1000 miles.. I now have a little over 5000 miles on this bike. Performance has been great, comfort is excellent.

While I still feel the engine noise is sometimes excessive, I'm learning to live with it.. certainly all the fun this bike has to offer out weighs that annoyance. Gas mileage has settled in at around 50 mpg (regular/high test - doesn't matter).

Bottom line - this bike, in the new red/white paint scheme is simply beautiful, the performance right on, and it shows every sign of being built well and to last.

I'm very pleased.

Bill Federer.

21st Mar 2009, 14:26

After 3600 miles, I am enchanted with this bike. Excellent performance for cruising, even with a passenger, excellent maneuverability, good fuel range and lots of compliments on the look (red & white).

Very well designed and very comfortable for long rides with Air Hawk seats. I have added a light bar, which I consider a safety feature day & night, a road bar, a tachometer and a luggage rack.

City or highway, this is an excellent machine that I will keep for years to come. I don't see what a bigger and more expensive bike would give me that I don't get from this one.

My Suzuki dealer has given me the best dealer experience I have had in 42 years of owning cars, planes, boats & motorcycles.

19th Aug 2009, 16:15

This is my fourth and probably last update on my 2008 Suzuki C50T. I have now got 14,786 miles, in just 13 months, and the only thing that has gone wrong is a light bulb burned out! Excellent quality-and the OEM tires are STILL good.

Next week is vacation, and will probably take a trip to Western Pennsylvania (about 600 miles round trip).

My experience has been so good with this brand, that I'm facing an inevitable quandary...e.g. It's going to be tough looking at other makes as an eventual upgrade.. Suzuki doesn't make a tourer like the new Kawasaki Voyager, which has caught my interest.

Regardless, the quality and simple pure fun of this very, very affordable motorcycle is my recommendation to YOU.

Bill Federer.

4th Oct 2010, 15:54

One last comment concerning my red/white 2008 Suzuki C50T... I now have 29,261 miles on it in just a little over 2 years. As mentioned earlier, the ONLY thing that's gone wrong with the bike is a burned out turn light bulb.

Still as much fun to drive as the day I picked it up.

One really, really great motorcycle.

Bill Federer.

22nd Oct 2010, 01:58

Well guys, I'm 37, this is my 3rd bike, it is a 2009 C50t Boulevard, and I absolutely love it.

This bike has plenty of power and was built to stand the test of time. I for one am not a little guy; I weigh in at about 200 pounds, give or take a pound or two, and this bike keeps up with the big boys, you know the 1300 Hondas, no problem.

I would like to let everyone know this bike is about the best bang for the buck. I have no regrets buying this bike. So if you're thinking about getting a new bike, give one of these a look, I promise you will be amazed.

14th Nov 2010, 07:22

I'm 57 year old male. 1 year on the c50t/16000 mile. Long time rider. I blew a headlight bulb the other day, went to dealer and they offered to change it for me, good dealer.

Opened assy. The whole inside was rusted big time. So many holes in assem.. it fills with moisture, and 1 more year and it will need replacement. Dealer says it's not covered, will chat with Suzuki and see what's up. Full warranty + 3ex. so will wait for more info. Thanks.