27th Sep 2015, 21:09

I feel like I wrote the post of Feb 23, 2013, since so much of it is so similar to mine.

I bought my 2006 C50t Suzuki in June of 2012 for $4,750 and it had 4,500 miles on it. I now have 27,000, and when comparing the cost of maintenance to that of a Harley, I'm saving a lot of money. I changed the tires and tubes at 17,000 miles only because they were dry rotted, and had at least 5,000 more to go on them. I also did the rear drum brake and front disc since I had the wheels off. I had the dealer mount both tires and tubes, but I did the R&R. I changed out the six year old battery, which was doing fine, but it was time. I installed a beeper I bought in Radio Shack to let me know when I leave the directional on, added a throttle lock, and changed the throw over vinyl bags to hard mount leather. I do my own oil and filter changes using Suzuki oil and filter every 3,500, using regular oil.

I changed the lube in the rear and the engine antifreeze. The only labor charges I paid the dealer for were the 8,000 mile valve adjustment ($240) and mounting the tires @ $45 each. So in 23,000 miles I have paid a total of $330 to the dealer. When I tell my brother who own a Harley this, he is surprised at the difference he pays. His Harley is a fine machine, but this is all the bike I need. The only thing I might change is a more comfortable seat.

When Suzuki makes the same bike with a six speed trans and a disc brake in the rear, I'll be first in line. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the one I have.