30th Mar 2008, 21:00

Great motorcycle. The stock Bridgestone tires should be changed immediately. Don't listen to the manual's advice on tire pressure. Run them at least 40 psi.

The neck bearings suck and should be changed to timken bearings.

The charging system is frail at the stator and r/r. The r/r plug should be maintained with dielectric grease or eliminated, hardwired, to avoid the stator from overheating.

The stock seat sucks too. Many aftermarkets to choose from.

Bullet proof motor. Do not run car oil in it, or any oil that had friction modifiers, it is a wet clutch. Amsoil is the best. motorcycle specific, or use rotella in the blue jug from Walmart.

All around excellent bike. No valve adjustments necessary.

18th Jun 2008, 07:36

I have had trouble from day one with cranking problems after a few hours of riding and stopping. They NOW say I have stator problems after numerous trips to the dealer where I bought the bike, and also 3 battery changes. I just want to get it running, so I can get rid of it and go back to Harley.

10th Sep 2009, 11:27

Starting problems with the C90 can be due to the de-comp system not working, I had that problem with mine and the dealer could not find it. I found the problem after getting a factory manual. The engine won't turn over if the adjustment is not correct. Good luck and I hope this helps.

21st Feb 2010, 07:48

October 2009 I put my new C90 into storage, T filled the fuel tank with the correct amount of stabilizer. About a week later, I started the bike, it ran rough and wouldn't idle. White exhaust, which continued several minutes without the bike running. I concluded bad gas. There's no way to siphon, no fuel shut off, no reserve tank. To remove the tank will be a nightmare. Any suggestions?

22nd Feb 2010, 08:54

Sounds more like a blown head gasket to me. The fuel does not deteriorate that quickly, especially if you add fuel stabilizer. I've had bikes in storage for 2 years without problems. I store them with 1/4 filled tank and added stabilizer. Then fill it with fresh fuel and crank it up. Never had any problems with that. There's a possibility that you've added fuel with a high water content, but even then you should not get white smoke.

16th May 2013, 21:54

Did you put in the neck Timken bearings yourself? If you did, what tools do I need to get?

Thanks, Ed.

19th Mar 2017, 21:01

I had starting problems with my '05 and thought it was it was the de/comp. Came to find out, after considerable research, it was my clutch switch at the lever on handle bar. I sprayed it out with electrical spray and kept an eye on it and had no further problems. The problem was the bike had no power going to the starter. Research told me to also check the front brake handle switch too. I would push the starter button and got no response from the bike, just a dimming headlight. I even changed the battery(needlessly). Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was the clutch handle switch. Happy biking.