13th Jul 2009, 10:00

I agree with you assessment that this is a great handling bike. It has good power and it doesn't bother me to ride all day on the stock seat. The issues I've had are electrical... I have had a problem with my 2006 C90T not starting sometimes and the dealership has gone so far as to have the entire wiring harness replaced. As of July 09, I have 45,600 miles on it, and outside of the numerous trips to the shop on electrical issues, I have replaced the brakes once, just put on my 3rd set of tires (stock tires) 1,500 miles ago, flush out the rear differential fluid twice a year, and do the "scheduled maintenance" every 8-10,000 miles or so (I can't afford to do it every 3,500 miles as recommended... I ride to much). I do an oil change every 3,500-4,000 miles and I do have them give the bike a once over when they do it. I've been pretty loyal to my dealership, they know me, and they treat me pretty good.

I ride to work every day, rain, shine, cold (the only thing that stops me is snow and ice). So my bike isn't necessarily pretty and it has some rust showing on some bolts. I just don't want to take the time out of my busy day to be detailing it all of the time. So it isn't showy, but after hopefully getting the electrical problems fixed, it is dependable and very enjoyable to ride. I am the only one I know of that has had these kinds of electrical problems so I don't think it is the nature of the Boulevards... I think I just got the wrong bike.

So if you want something that will not necessarily need to be baby'd, you can put some miles on it, is fun to ride, handles great, and looks great, I would still recommend the C90T.

30th Apr 2012, 23:12

My 2008 C90T dressed as an SE with the extra lights put a load on the system. I added bullet lights from Cruiser Customizing, and I guess that added sufficient load to burn out the stator.

Other than that, the bike is great.