20th Sep 2013, 01:39

Having added the TRE system to the bike, I certainly notice the increase in acceleration in gears 1-4. The TRE system came with a neat little extra of a gear indicator that I sorely missed; it's nice to know what gear you're in.

I was having trouble with stalling at take-off, and blamed my riding ability, but on searching the net, I've found it is a common complaint by C90 owners; the clutch lets out at the end of lever travel, and after removing about 5mil from the top push rod, the bike is a pleasure to ride, with the lever activating the clutch about half way out.

12th Oct 2013, 22:25

Scratch my clutch fix, it seems that this bike repairs any clutch adjustments you do. If you have long finger/big hands, it's all good, but tight gloves can give you grief at low speeds. I'm still working on this clutch problem! Fitting Cobra rear floor boards for her Ladyship and the Gman fuel injector upgrade as soon as it arrives; very excited about fitting that to the C90T.

2nd Nov 2013, 01:10

Fixed my clutch problem for good, shaved about 1/8th of an inch off the end of the small clutch push rod which I had accidentally filed on an angle, if you are going to do this fix, make sure you get it straight LOL, works great, the dialer now works so I can set it to my needs. Fitted the Gman Bully FI system, what a difference, no popping, no lugging, bike does legal speed limit in 3rd! Also will let you do 40 kph in 5th, so very responsive. Love my C90T, big ups to Gman for his FI system too, bring on summer.

21st Jan 2014, 22:52

My C90T is now a very rideable machine. I've done some long runs two up, noticed that I get like head wobble and sore eyes after long trips; from talking to other Boulevard owners, this is due to the air from front of the screen rushing up and over the tank. A cure for this is apparently fitting "lowers", which I find are smallish plastic angular things fitted to the front forks to divert the air around the bike instead of over it. Have ordered a set from Customcruiser, $140 all up delivered to NZ with fitting bolts etc. Hope this solves the puzzle. Blamed my new helmet at first!