30th Mar 2009, 10:35

I have had the same issues with my 2007 Suzuki S50. It runs very cold, sputters and backfires, squeaky front brakes and the wobble on the front wheel when going 85. The wobble happened when I was passing vehicles on the back roads, so I could not let off throttle to allow it to stop.

14th Apr 2009, 06:23

I just bought my 2007 S50. Other than the squeaky front brake, I have had none of the above problems. In fact my two best friends have the C50 and the M50 and they have similar statements. Front brake works great, but is just noisy on all three bikes. Hope this helps. I love the bike.


11th May 2009, 23:06

I just bought myself a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 VS800. Great motorcycle. Reliable. Yet as many have said before, the seat is very uncomfortable for a long ride and the front brakes are noisy.

I changed the seat for a gel seat and it solved the problem.

As for the noisy front brakes, I removed them and sanded the corners all around and rounded them off just a few millimeters and it solved the problem definitely. They are very easy to remove. Try this, and you will be glad you did, and you'll not hear those noisy brakes every time you arrive at an intersection and be ashamed. Be safe!!!

20th May 2009, 08:27

I just got a 2005 S50 and I am still getting a hang of it.

Yesterday the engine began stalling when I put it into the first gear. Some general motorcycle opinions suggest it is the kickstand/side-stand kill switch.

Does anyone share the same opinion specific to the S50?

Is there any other thing I should be looking for?



22nd May 2009, 17:30

I bought an S50 14 days ago. It is a new 2008. I have carefully put 400 miles on the bike. The third day the bike would not start -- as if the battery were dead. I removed the battery and the dealer charged it overnight. I replaced the battery and still nothing. A mechanic came to my house and found the (-) battery cable loose and a couple washers later the bike starts. On my next ride the turn signals (right or left) flash erratically. The bike also requires choking with every start and nearly always stalls at my first stop. I am a lifetime motorcyclist and do not have a problem with the clutch. The bike is in the shop as I write and has been for 4 days (35%) of ownership so far. Electrical problem?

24th May 2009, 14:35

A continuation of comment # 16 above.....The day after writing the comment, the mechanic called me from the Suzuki dealership and told me he had located a blinker terminal connection that was not completely plugged in. I picked up the bike and all is well. It still prefers to be choked when first started for the day which is fine by me. I will be taking it back to the dealer next week for the 600 mile service.

7th Jun 2009, 11:08


I bought a VS800 6 days ago and for the most part LOVE it!

I shopped EVERY MODEL and EVERY BRAND and this was the ONLY > 500CC bike that I could reach the controls on.

There are a few things that bug me.

1. Cold blooded.

Suzuki completely missed the mark on the IDLE JET's on this bike (or EPA forced them to use) as the bike simply will not start at all without the throttle stop / idle RPM cranked up to 1000-1500RPM and the choke on.

I'm working on a compromise of sorts for this. Personally I consider "idle" to be <500RPM. I'll ether: carefully give it some gas while starting, knowing that it might die when I let go, keep readjusting the idle speed/throttle stop between "warm" and "cold" or work out a 'jig' of sorts that opens the throttle a bit for me while starting and remove it when the engine is warm.

Years ago Yamaha had problems with their TT/XT/SR500's starting WARM required just the right amount of throttle. They came up with a BUTTON which the rider pushed which opened the throttle up THAT amount to ease starting so the rider did not have to guess. Suzuki are you listening?

2. While this is not the bikes/Suzuki's fault but I'd never ridden with a 'wind shield' before and crosswinds on the highway created a very very spooky front end wobble.

3. The brakes feel weak. During a heavy stop recently I found myself squeezing the front brake with everything I had and I was very surprised that I didn't brake right into an intersection! Double disks or calipers might have been better.

4. Where everyone else is talking about seemingly great gas mileage, my 1st tank took me a whole 100Miles before switching to reserve, the 2nd even LESS!!! Only 80 miles before switching to reserve!! I may of been 'getting on it' more on the 2nd tank, but NOT that much!!

5. Is my bike a 'fluke' or whats the deal with NO FACTORY HELMET LOCK!?!?!? I ordered one from the local dealer. Hard to guess if it comes with its OWN set of keys or what?

While I have ordered a Suzuki gel seat and sissybar/rack, I feel this bike is outfitted nicely from the factory.

This is the 1st bike I've ever owned that did not have: kick start, center stand, tach, same key locking steering AND helmet lock. Its also the 1st bike I've had which: vtwin instead of vertical side-by-side, shaft drive, water cooled.

I have not noticed the front break squeaking thing and the seat seems OK. I wish it had a larger gas tank.

19th Jun 2009, 16:49

A continuation of comments 16 & 17 (May 22nd and May 24) above. I now have 1600 miles on the S50. There have been no other problems following the loose turn signal connector. The bike always starts on the first try, however it demands the choke for the morning start (average morning summer temp in TX is ~ 72 F). Depending on the wind and speed, it gets anywhere from 46 - 54 mpg and in most instances > 50. Cruising at 80 mph or faster will always get < 50! I added a factory backrest and my wife says it makes quite an improvement in her fears of sliding off the back. I am very satisfied with the bike and the service department at my local dealership.

26th Jun 2009, 15:05

A few weeks back I bought a 2nd hand S50 <1,500 km on the clock. So far I have not seen any problem with brakes or hard starting.

I bought a set of "Genuine Suzuki" case guards from Suzuki USA via the local dealer. They turned out to be nothing more than chrome furniture tubing. The top bracket makes contact with the engine exhaust port. Needless to say I will be taking them back.

My advice; avoid the "Genuine Suzuki" products and go for after market accessories.

Happy Riding


19th Jul 2009, 22:48

My 2008 Suzuki S50 is having some weird electrical problems. I go to start it and all the electricals shuts off. In the past I would jump up and down on the seat and the electricals would turn on. Now that doesn't even work. When it does come back on, I hit the starter and the electricals go off again. Any ideas?