1982 Suzuki GN125 from United States of America


Nice frugal commuter / beginner bike


The bike had a difficult to diagnose ignition misfire.

Replacement of the stator / pickup assembly cured it.

The starter had a worn output bearing and worn brushes.

I replaced the igniter module, coil and plug cap in trying to fix the misfire.

The carburetor needed to be replaced due to severe old gas blockage.

General Comments:

The bike was a 'basement find', which I bought to fix and resell. I replaced the chain, tires and carburetor after repairing the starter myself. It took a while to find the bronze replacement bearing for the starter, but that has performed well.

The stator replacement was the last item to replace; it did not test out-of-limits per the repair manual.

I've been getting over 75mpg with the bike, even with the misfire. I look forward to seeing the fuel mileage now that it's making full power.

I've been able to get the bike up to 70mph (indicated), but that was with a tailwind. 63-65mph is typical, maximum. I don't ride it on any roads posted for over 55, and recommend keeping it mostly on routes labeled for 50 and under. There's no real acceleration available above 50mph.

The bike is a little small and light for me, but its speed range and fuel mileage make it a useful nice-day commuter. I'm glad to have helped save this little classic and keep it on the road.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2009

2007 Suzuki GN125 from Chile


Reliable little bike, cheap spare parts, excellent fuel consumption


Mostly normal wear and tear...

- Clutch cable broke at 7000 km.

- Transmission chain replaced at 11000 km.

- Rear brake pads worn at 12000 km.

- Rear tire (Sakura, completely worn) replaced at 22000 km.

- Rear wheel mudguard almost broke right under the seat at 23500 km (welded back together, a friend of mine had the same problem with his GN)

- Speedometer cable broke at 24000 km.

General Comments:

The little Suzuki GN125H (version sold in South America I think) is a nice little bike, with cheap spare parts available, quite simple to repair (I service it myself)

It's also very good on fuel consumption, runs about 270 km with its 10 liter tank at full.

Very reliable, never lets me down. I have gone to the beach, the mountains, and go to work every day on it.

Great bike for starters, with low and comfortable seat, 5 speed gear indicator, and good handling.

However it lacks a fuel gauge, it's a slow bike, and engine vibrates a little at high revs...

Chassis black paint has peeled in a few places.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2009

14th Feb 2011, 08:01

Don't you find the pricing for servicing is quite pricey?

1994 Suzuki GN125 from New Zealand


Good around town bike, not for the open road


The seat has ripped on the top outer edges, and I can't find a good condition one anywhere, so it must be a common problem.

The brake light bulb keeps blowing.

General Comments:

Great economy, I get 560 kilometers per 10 litre tank.

Very comfortable upright riding position.

A lot of parts from the more common GN250 will fit on the GN125.

It's not for the open road, my bike will do 80 kilometers an hour at 8000 revs per minute, and I weigh 70 kilos.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2007

1999 Suzuki GN125 from New Zealand


Pretty good, considering the little 125cc engine


A little bit of rust is appearing here and there. It rains a lot in Wellington NZ.

Indicator light for 3rd gear recently burnt out.

Some previous owner took off the pillion passenger handle bar, around the bottom edge of the seat (probably to fit a luggage rack), and never put it back (after removing that luggage rack).

General Comments:

Tries to look bigger than it is (i.e. just like its more popular big brother GN250), and it does this without slowing it down or weighing it down too much.

They've even done something with the muffler, to make it sound bigger than it is, without being noisier.

Extremely reliable and pleasant so far.

Gotten it up to 120km/hr (75mi/hr) once, on a good flat stretch of road with no headwinds, and it just started to red line in top gear.

Slow to accelerate, and easily hampered in headwinds or up inclines.

Handles well for city commutes and tight traffic.

Never had a passenger on it, but it will probably be pretty gutless when I do. Better than a moped or scooter, I guess.

Used about half a litre (1/2 quart) of oil over the last 1000km (625mi).

Too bad they discontinued it altogether in NZ a few years ago. Too bad they reintroduced the GN250 from China, with its attendant quality control and finish problems (see elsewhere).

I'm 185cm (6'2") myself and wouldn't recommend it to anyone above average height... unless you don't care what you look like on it, and don't mind sitting on the passenger seat when on the open road.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2007

23rd Apr 2010, 09:57

Yup, I've bought a new GN125H, decided to get away from the big heavy bikes I`ve always had.

3 months so far and no problems, trying to get used to the fantastic economy, only gas up every 2 weeks = $5, as opposed to weekly $18 on my old 750cc.

I enjoy riding the little GN more than the biggies now, being 60 years old.

A little tip: once "run in" I changed the front drive sprocket to a 16 tooth, changes the gearing completely, now it's not revving its guts out at 80kms, and all vibrations gone - have to use the gears a bit more on the hills though - price of bigger gear = $13.50 (^_^)

3rd Oct 2010, 06:33

I`m the oldie who posted the last comment..

The little 125 is the best move I've ever made, wish I'd done it earlier, don't care if other bikers call it a "learners bike", I learned on a Triumph speed twin in 1965.

Can do without the speed now, just happy to ride this fantastic good looking chromed up hassle free little Suz.

Being a motor mechanic by trade, and after having this bike for almost a year, I'd say it was the most well built bike I've ever had the pleasure to closely inspect, right down to the paint work. Go to the top of the class Suzuki!!!

25th Mar 2012, 00:20


Thank you for the reviews!

I see a 1997 model in my area, but was wondering where and how you bought a new one?

Thanks again.

21st Oct 2013, 22:36

Hi there guys,

I'm from Sri Lanka. I have a Suzuki GN 125, 1999 model year, Japanese model. It has been with me for close to 11 years, but recently I got a small problem; I think I have to replace my carburetor now. If you guys could recommend a place where I can buy one online, a 'Japanese carburetor', it would be really helpful?

27th Apr 2015, 11:04

The GN125H is still available in New Zealand and is still being built in China. I've had mine since May 2011 and it's still running well; only have to refill it every month and half or every 300Km. Can't comment on open road performance, as I only use it to and from work in the city.