27th Feb 2010, 08:03

I bought a new reconditioned Suzuki GN 125cc motorbike the previous week. Before buying, I checked all the things before buying my bike. It was originally made in Japan, and as were its parts.

I'm now very happy because of my decision of to buy a Suzuki GN 125.

Engine: I can hear the soft sound of the engine when I am @ 75km/h. And it gives me an excellent driving experience.

Comfort: It is very comfortable. Its larger original seat was made in japan, as all the parts of in it are originally made in Japan. Better riding position. Great.

Mileage: I've not checked it until now. I'm sure that she gives me about 40km/l or 50km/l.

Bulbs and electric parts, which including speedo/gear indicator/signal lights: I think they are more stylish than new bikes in the market. The head light gives a very stylish look. And battery and overall gives best of it.

Suspension: It is great. Easy to handle on hard surfaces.

Brakes: Front disk brake is unique and great. Rear brakes are not second to front disk brakes.

Overall it is a good bike 125 bike, and Suzuki originally made in Japan; you can get 10 or more year with it.

I like this bike very much, and if you take care of your bike, the bike will never let you down, and it takes care of you every time.

I'm very happy to have it.

24th Mar 2010, 07:48

2008 Suzuki GN125 - Good bike, never had any problems, just oil the speedo/rev cables and all's fine.

17th Apr 2010, 20:58

This bike will outlive you! Trust it, it just goes on & on.

15th May 2010, 20:22

I've had my 1998 GN 125 for 3 years now, and other than a broken clutch cable, have had no problems with it. The engine is overbuilt just like the old GS 550/750/850 series, with a roller bearing crankshaft and a needle bearing on the connecting rod. It really has incredible power for a 125, especially if you use an iridium plug. And gas mileage is phenomenal (I get up to 40 km/litre on 91 octane fuel) For city driving, there's nothing better!

22nd Oct 2010, 00:55

May people please post links where they purchase spares for this bike from? I am in Australia and am not having any luck finding simple things like oil filters / brake pads. Thanks in advance.

The GN125 is an awesome learner bike, easy to handle and forgiving as everyone has mentioned. It's styling is of the older school, which is unpretentious, it just gets the job done.

Wing mirrors are too small unless you like the sight of your elbows.

25th Nov 2010, 14:52

Regarding finding parts for this bike in Australia - I have a GN125 2005 model from New Zealand, and have found most motorbike shops have parts. Not engines, but bulbs (headlight 45/45 from a Vespa) standard Suzuki filters for the engine (small), chain is standard type, have not touched the brakes yet, but not expecting any problems. Find a shop with a spares guy who knows parts.

10th May 2011, 16:15

Hi, lack of power can be caused by two faults if the engine is good and not smoking.

First is the valve clearance, which should be done with a professional service. Can be done yourself with a feeler gauge in between the rocker/tappet, and check clearance against factory setting (the procedure can be found in a Haynes manual).

The other is the carb; lack of power can be the jet blocked with dirty fuel (normally caused by long stints of standing still) or a small hole in the diaphragm, which is the most common cause. Once replaced and the carb cleaned, you'll notice the difference.

15th Sep 2011, 09:24

Hi. I am having exactly the same problem - I can't find a fuel gauge. Does the neutral light that is normally green, go red when it needs fuel?

9th Jan 2012, 03:43

Just have a look inside the tank, or shake it between your legs when you're not moving. If you hear it sloshing inside the tank, you should be fine.

8th Aug 2012, 20:23

I don't own this bike yet, but am hoping to purchase a 2010 model quite soon as I just turned 16. And as for the fuel gauge thing, there is no need for one as once it runs out of petrol, you switch to the reserve tank, which will give you about 50 miles to find a petrol station, then just fill her up and you're sorted. Hope this helps!

24th Mar 2013, 09:52

Have a look at your valve seals; shouldn't be your piston rings if they're brand new.

16th Oct 2013, 05:48

I've had a 99 GN 125 for almost two years now, and it's done me well so far.

It's done 37,700 miles and I've had 75 mph out of it. I don't get where people are coming from with the lack of power, I've had 55 mph in third gear at 11,500 revs without hitting the limiter, so by my logic it should be worth more than 75 in fifth.

Everything on the bike is standard; the only thing different is the back tyre. I have the widest tyre that will fit the rim on the bike (120 I think). This gives a lot more grip on the back wheel and allows for much faster cornering at a decent lean (often almost scraping the pegs on the floor).

As well as the great cornering, it has good acceleration for a 125 (meaning you can get a wheelie out of it) and a decent top speed. I often leave brand new CBR 125s etc and most scrammys behind wondering how this 14 year old cruiser style bike just embarrassed them. Up very steep hills where I live I can easily pull 30 mph in second and 35-40 mph in third (most cars struggle at 20).

The only problems I've had with it are the swing arm was rotten through, the speedo drive seized, which tightened the speedo cable, pulling my forks hard down (this was fixed easily even if I did have to go round with no speed reading for a while) and the indicators sometimes need to be replaced (because at 6 foot 1 my feet often catch them).

Recently I have noticed a metallic sound coming from what seems to be either the exhaust manifold or inside the front half of the exhaust. Any idea what this could be?

5th Aug 2014, 17:47

Can you tell me how you cut your GN125 seat to a single seat? Or send a picture? I was just thinking that mine would look better that way, and am very interested how you did it and how it turned out.

6th Jun 2015, 17:55

I bought a reconditioned and used Suzuki GN 125 BIC (onlight) two months ago. It runs nicely. But its noise is some what rough. As well as it cannot start until I push the choke (the choke is from Taiwan). How to solve this?

11th Jul 2016, 00:47

I have a 1998 GN125. I've had 75mph out of mine. That's was after I sorted the running issues. Carb kept getting blocked. I had similar issues like no power in 5th only. Yes it's very vibratey (not sure that's even a word).

I've just recently crashed mine; everything is fine apart from the aftermarket straight bars bent.

I love my GN; it leaves all my mates' bikes standing on acceleration and top speed, apart from one of my mates has a YZR125; he's quicker, but the rest I beat on a bike older than me...

20th Nov 2022, 09:09

Where did you find parts, local or not? Been looking for a wiring harness.