1984 Suzuki GS1100GK from Canada


A tough reliable bike with lots of go


The only thing that went "wrong" was the voltage regulator which burned out. I replaced it with a used one I got for $50 at a junkyard.

And the valve cover gasket leaked a couple of times.

It seemed to go through a battery every couple of years.

Plus wear items like disk brake pads, tires, fork seals.

But that's pretty good considering it was a ten year old bike which I bought on my credit card and drove all year round for ten more years. Never adjusted the valves or the carburetors.

It still had the original clutch, although it was starting to slip. I never had to replace the clutch cable or brake lines. I only changed the spark plugs once.

General Comments:

This was a tough reliable bike with lots of go and great brakes.

Not great on gas. It got about the same gas mileage as our car, a 1986 Chevy Nova.

It was a performance bike masquerading as a touring bike. It was not comfortable for the driver at all, but strangely, passengers found it comfortable.

The stepped saddle and high foot pegs made for an uncomfortable seating position. I replaced the saddle with a flat seat.

I hated the fairing. It rattled and you couldn't get at the motor. I replaced it with a small windscreen.

But the panniers and top box were excellent.

It was not good for touring. It was under geared and revved really high on the freeway, but you couldn't change the gearing because it had a shaft drive. The handlebars buzzed and after a couple of hours your hands and forearms got sore.

I gave it to a friend because I was leaving Canada. I didn't get a single ticket on it in ten years.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2004

28th Jan 2005, 10:16

I read the review for the GS1100GK, and found it somewhat accurate. I bought mine used in the summer of 87, have put over 40k on it, wearing out the tires is the only drawback.

I don't understand the comment of "uncomfortable" for the rider. After 3300 miles in 10 days, I wish I had more time and money to go to the other side of the country.

27th Jan 2016, 23:43

Having owned a GS1000g with the flat seat he probably swapped to, I understand his statement; the slightly taller seat took some of the bend out of your knees, and the thicker padding made it incredibly cushy on your rump! I'm 6 foot 1 and only weigh 130 lb, so my back side has basically no built in padding, yet that seat allowed me to ride straight through from Chico Calif to San Diego, stopping only for gas, with zero discomfort! Magazine articles I remember from the GS1000g era described the bike as a "road going sofa", and I doubt that any of the test riders had less than twice the fanny padding that I do!