16th Feb 2006, 19:38

Have just bought one - am a beginning rider at age 47, so I need a 250 for a year or so. It just appealed to me, so I bought it. It's an 84 model and needs a bit of work, but it goes and is licensed. Any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated. As would any suggestions about where I could get parts and a workshop manual. drovershill@hotmail.com

10th Aug 2006, 11:15

Hi I live in taranaki NZ and own a gs250fw. I have found it to be a great little bike. It has loads of power for a 250.

I blew the motor a while ago (con rod snapped in half). I was lucky enough to come across another engine.

I've never seen another one on the road.

18th Sep 2006, 23:28

I live in Rosario, Argentina and owned one some months ago, I'm working on the engine and it will look like a brand new bike. Also have the workshop manuals, contact me, thortheblade@hotmail.com

28th May 2007, 06:59

I've just added a GS250FW to my garage with over 90,000kms on the clock, hence it burns a bit of oil and does not tick over properly.

I recently took it to AHGs DTEC track near Perth airport. The handling was not too bad, but ground clearance is poor, scraping the footrest, centre stand and outer exhaust down pipes on both sides.

Surprisingly, after 2 hours of constant redlining, the motor stayed intact and even got me home on one tank (just).

It's nice sometimes to buzz around on an old relic instead of the latest wizz bang tackle, and not be worried about falling off and causing more damage at stand still than the GS is worth!


29th May 2009, 19:34

I have now had one of these girls for 8 months. I love the old classics. Have found a site with full workshop manual for free. Starting to show signs of age, but still going strong.

29th May 2010, 00:52

Just checked one out for my mate, what a ripper little bike. Not sure about the 224kmh bit.

8th Jul 2010, 04:29

Does anyone know where to get a new clutch for a GS250FW? In Australia would be great, but overseas is OK; it's the only thing slipping. I am 6'3", and have found a 250cc road bike that I can sit on and ride comfortable.

20th Jan 2011, 22:50

Hi, I bought one of these about 6 months ago. It wasn't running real well, and the seller couldn't be bothered giving the old girl a clean. I've brought her back to something really nice, and am always getting a lot of interest from older riders (including Police) reminiscing of the days they had one.

Since I've owned it, a mate has sorted out the electrical niggles, I have had the stater re-built, put in a new battery and matched the rear tyre to the front Batlax.

This bike is absolutely awesome to ride. I'm an older rider, so self preservation is a main skill that I'm happy to preserve.

The GS is slow off the mark, but once 5500 rpm is reached, she picks up quite well. I had her up to 150 km/h on the highway and that's plenty for a first time rider. She'll hold 110 km/h with ease, so it's good for the country highways - but you might need to drop back to 4th to get the power to overtake.

The old girl is a daily commute for me (I'm 6'3 tall) and fun on the weekends. She won't keep up with the younger girls, but will blow away V6's off the mark, and allow you to get ahead of the traffic.

I'm getting about 18km to the litre, so the economy is there, but opening her up at the top end will use a little more gas.

All in all, I'm really impressed, and will be sad to see her go when I get my R class in a few months.

Steve, Perth, WA.

16th Jul 2011, 06:59

G'day, I have recently purchased a Suzuki gs250fws, and as a learner's permit holder (for the first time since 1989), was quite happy to get it. I've started it numerous times, which it had done first time, each time. I also took it for a spin around my step Father's property (have yet to have the reg done on it). The second time I started it to ride around the property, the electrics went up (burnt out). I don't know to what extent the damage to the electrical components have been caused, but I will need to source a new OEM wiring loom for it before I will know. Problem is, whilst there are a few places where older bike (new) OEM parts can be purchased, I have not been able to find any for this model. Can anyone help me with this problem. Get back to me ASAP, please. jatgeorge@gmail.com.



28th Sep 2014, 10:55

I have just bought a GS 250 FW 1984 model. I need a muffler. Can anybody help me with any info on where I can get parts or another bike for parts?


24th Dec 2014, 09:38

Well Ned,

You will be happy to know I have roadworthy GS250FW. 2/84 here in Parkes NSW.

Regards, Chris ACE Williams

8th May 2015, 07:41


I am getting a GS250FW on the weekend and I noticed you said you found a site with free workshop manual. Can you give me that site address please?

Cheers, Peter.

20th Sep 2015, 08:51

Hi, I live in South Africa and just bought a GS250FW. I've sorted out all the wiring. Bought a new regulator/rectifier and battery, but now there's a problem. I don't have the bike's air filter box, so it won't start. If anyone can help me find one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

25th Oct 2018, 10:45

I’ve picked up 2 of these. The plan is to restore one of them out of the 2. There’s not a lot of info about the 1984 GS250FW online and it seems there weren’t many sold here in Australia.

A couple of people who are knowledgeable have told me it was the first 4 cylinder bike ever made, which is amazing.

If anyone knows of any laying around gathering dust or available for parts, please get in touch with me swilliamslive@hotmail.com

I’m based in Melbourne, but happy to travel or arrange shipping.

Cheers - happy riding!

12th Dec 2018, 11:09

My partner has a 1984 black GS250 FW, and we have added another 2500 km in the last 12 months. The bike runs well, needed a new battery, some minor maintenance.

Now has about 37000km, it's a great bike for learners and has a comfortable low seat height.

These are reliable little machines, but certainly revs high where the power is, especially compared to my 2018 Honda CBR500R. The Redbook price listing for these is a little disappointing, but given the age it's not quite a collectable, or not yet.

8th Nov 2019, 18:04


I inherited a Japanese Suzuki GS250FW from my dad.

The story with it is it just stood in a yard for like 28 years from 91 when he first imported it from Japan.

I always loved this bike’s look and feel ever since I was a kid (5 years old in 91).

A little bit of TLC and it’s purring like a kitten now.

My plan is to get it MOT’ed, registered in UK and getting the A2 license that I need to ride it.

Not sure if I’m biased, but I sooo love this bike, I’m looking at new ones and the designs are just plain weird; this one has those lines that just blend in perfectly.

11450km on it just.

I’ll tear it apart and repaint it in the original colors after registration.

I salute all you GS250 owners out there.

I have a YouTube channel where I post clips with me restoring it.


Hello from the UK!

24th Jun 2023, 17:21

I just aquired one in CANADA running, but tune up and spares needed, any info would be appreciated. Thanks mickrobby@gmail.com