14th Jun 2010, 18:30

I bought my 93 GSX1100G in May of 93 and have 8000 miles on it. I've had it in Europe and all over the US. Best motorcycle ever. Seems hard to get parts for it now without paying an arm and a leg. Does anyone know where I can find out history about this bike in the US? How many exist here in US? Is it rare?

24th Jun 2010, 23:12

I still have my "G" after 8 years. No intention of ever selling it. I still ride all over eastern Ohio, northern WV and western PA. Haven't yet seen another one. The best ride is OH SR 536! 170 turns in 11 miles (my count last week). The overlook 3 miles off 536 is well worth the time. Pt. Kalish or something is the name (it is a state park, signs are posted)

19th Jul 2010, 09:00

On my 2nd GSX1100G; a 1993 model with 14k on the clock, stock except for a Corbin seat, much needed after 100 miles or so, still on standard pipes, although I also have a new pair in the cellar, god bless ebay!

45mpg, OK on tyres, handles well for the size of it, and the performance is as good as you need on the road; it still surprises plenty of the newer stuff.

Any European rallies for the mighty G?

Richard, Worcestershire UK.

22nd Aug 2010, 19:15

Hi all - I've owned a 93 GSX1100G for over 2 months now, and I have to say I'm in love with it. It's done 117,000 kms and still goes really well - smooth and endless power, and so comfy to ride a long way. As for the handling - awesome. Drops really well into corners, and is very stable at high speeds. Ideal for NZ road conditions.

If anyone is considering buying one of these - I'd say it will be a bike that they keep. Such a damn shame they don't still produce them. I've ridden a few of the newer GSX's, and nothing comes close to the G.

20th Nov 2010, 06:24

I also have a 93 G that I bought as a leftover in early 94.

The reason, I feel, that the G has developed such a cult like, loyal following is the fact that it is the last "true" liter class, standard motorcycle built by the big 4 Japanese manufacturers.

It is the perfect "neutrally designed" big bore bike, that through the process of bolt on parts, can become whatever the owner wishes it to be.

The bike has a very strange, almost soulful appeal that causes it to become almost like a living, breathing thing to its owner. I have owned a dozen other bikes over the years, but none of them have ever endeared themselves to me like my G has...

It doesn't do anything perfect, but after individualizing it, it does everything just well enough to make it feel perfect.

It's reliable, predictable, powerful and as my wife puts it, "It's just ugly enough that it's actually nice."

The GSX1100G is the perfect late 1970's, early 1980's style motorcycle, built in the 1990's that still is relevant in the year 2010.

The only real shame is that the big four Japanese motorcycle manufactures are so out of touch with things that they don't realize there is a real market for a standard workhorse bike like the G in today's marketplace.

Build me a new G with simple lines, a plush sitting platform, shaft drive, Smoothbore carbs, an air/oil cooled 110HP engine, and well tuned suspension...

Price that machine under $10,000 U.S...

And at THAT time I will consider replacing my G.

24th Apr 2011, 04:10

I have got one, an early model in that strange almost-bronze colour.

It ran very well for years, well 12 years, until I stored it one winter and did not drain the carbs. The result was an annoying misfire that has taken hours to fix, including a session for the carbs in an ultrasound chamber.

It is a brutal machine, really fast when angry, but still not too hard on fuel when driven gently. At about 65 mph, it will return 11 miles to the litre, even when two-up.

It is a smooth engine too.

Perhaps a little heavy and under-geared, but you can live with both.

7th Jun 2011, 02:55

Cold bloodedness is a common problem - with a common solution. If you're handy with carbs, it's an easy fix and there's step-by-step directions. See the Yahoo group for all the details. i.e.:


30th Jun 2011, 21:07

Does it have 2nd gear?

7th Aug 2011, 16:36

I found my GSX1100G in a garage where it had sat for 10 years. The bike needed a good service, new battery, and the carbs needed a good clean. It starts and runs fine on a 120 main jet and the needles lifted 1 notch. It's fast, comfortable, reliable, but doesn't like corners. The GSXR motor is one of the best I have come across, really too quick for the rest of the bike. It is slightly mad, but that's why I like it so much! Done 10,000 miles on my G now, tyres have lasted well (Metzeler Lazertec). A realy amazing old barge :)

23rd Aug 2011, 14:20

Since the Bridgestone BT023s are on it, it likes corners.

Have the rear spring tension set for riding with a passenger, and the tyres are at the right pressure.

I drive my GSX1100G with 145000 Kilometers in the Netherlands.

10th Sep 2011, 19:20

Been over 2 years and 4 thousand miles since I found my G in a row of older trade-ins in the back corner of a garage. Well, we all know how "bike fever" strikes every new season. I drooled over, and test-drove enough new motorcycles to drive my wife to hide the check book and credit cards every time she caught that look in my eye. Only problem, I still haven't found a bike I like as much as my G. So, I decided to fix her up a little. My mechanic is one of the first ever Japanese certified in our area. He went over the G inside and out, and told me to forget about it. His advice: "That's a hell of a good bike. Keep it clean, aired, oiled and check the brakes every now and then."

15th Sep 2011, 08:50

I bought my first "G" at the end of August this year. It was first registered in 1993, and manufactured 1992. The bike needs some repairs, but it rides very well. 38K miles are on speedometer. And it has Corbin seat too. For its weight, it rides like dream. This is true that similar bikes are not made anymore.

Greetings from ESTONIA (Europe). Marko.

17th Sep 2011, 10:32

You can get a factory shop manual on ebay. I just bought one from a seller in Canada, and it's just what I wanted. I'm also looking for bags and a sissy bar... Great bike...

17th Sep 2011, 20:06


You can join the Yahoo group called gsx1100g, and they will share all the help you need for your beautiful 'G'.

They are a fine group of folks with many levels of experience.

Good luck and safe riding.


18th Sep 2011, 11:35

What did you find what type of exhaust? 4 into 1 or duals?

23rd Dec 2011, 00:42

Are you still looking for a parts bike?

27th Jun 2013, 15:23

Hi my friends, I live in upstate NY, and I got my GSX1100G about a month ago. It has 48,000 miles on it, but the engine was fully cleaned upon purchase. Full fairing, original hardshell removable saddlebags, and a high windshield make for an incredible ride on the open road. I absolutely love this bike!!