7th Dec 2013, 10:49

G'day fellow G riders.

I've just bought a very nice late 91 manufactured G. Wow, what a bike! I live in country NSW, near the Victorian border, Snowy Mountains, Australia.

Our roads are fast and long around here until you hit the hills and twisty bits. This is ideal G territory!

This is a beautiful bike to ride that is just as you all described, very fast when it wants to be with a very solid feel on long runs and steady handling.

Just twist the throttle and 'bang' instant hard shove in the back!

Great feeling! It is a bike you need to be a little careful of though, but a great ride even now when it's got a few years under its belt!

I love riding it and can't imagine finding a reason to sell it. Just wish there were a few more around.


19th Feb 2015, 08:21

I think you should sell it to me cheap. Just joking man, take the carbs off and rebuild it. You can do it or have someone do it, or buy an OEM carb that's not leaking. Not a big deal.

9th Feb 2018, 04:31

Loved mine!!!

I had, perhaps, the best customized G ever, complete with stereo, CD, XM radio, tank bra, you name it (even the hard to find backrest).

You might want to add some floorboards from J.C. Whitney to those unused engine guard hole down low.

Here, this will really be a treat for you to read... and make sure you look at the images on the links. All posts under Johnathan are mine. Links to pics included.


p.s. - Tried to give my G (not sell) to anyone at the club and nobody would take it. Finally someone did after an accident and two years later, it made its way back to me.

Stay safe out there!!!

17th Jun 2018, 07:44

I have a 93 GSX1100G parked in my garage. 29000 on the clock, not sure if miles or km. Last ride was 2001, 17 years ago. Needs the carbs unblocked and a few minor bits of maintenance. Have never seen another one on New Zealand roads in the 21 years I've owned it. A sleeping beast I must bring to life again.

26th Jun 2018, 08:20

Your problem is most likely the idle circuit. Your Mikuni BST 36 carbs have a two stage idle circuit. The way this circuit functions is like a 4 barrel carb on a car, until the engine is pulling hard enough to open the slides and the main jet starts to feed the engine.

There is one hole in the bottom of the carb throat on the engine side of the butterfly that is your base idle. If you have removed the caps from your idle mixture screws and taken the needles out, you will see that the needle seats and controls this hole. The secondary idle circuit is made up of the 4 holes that are right at your butterfly. These holes are like the back two barrels of a car carb and feed fuel off idle into mid range RPM. When you take the float assembly out of the carbs, you can see these four holes where the float assembly snaps into the carb casting. Make sure all four holes are open. Now fuel is fed to these holes thru the float assembly itself. On the bottom of the float you will see a brass piece pressed into the float assembly. This is like a jet and is super small. Make sure this passage is clean otherwise all you have is a slow idle jet and a main jet with no mid-range. NOBODY EVER MENTIONS THIS. I just finished a 93 G with 2 thousand miles on it that sat in a garage for 25 years with the petcock on and a tank full of gas/syrup. I am VERY GOOD with BST 36 Mikuni carbs.

Chuck, chuckbranham21@gmail.com

26th Jun 2018, 08:28

I just finished my 93 1100 G. I bought it with 2000 miles on it. The original owner bought it in 93 and it scared him when he gassed it, so he parked it and never touched it again. Ha ha!

He left it full of gas with the petcock on.

Brake and clutch fluid had evaporated, leaving a tar like syrup to deal with. The tank had a thick tar like residue in it as well as the carbs were gummed up. The carbs were frozen; whatever you do, DON'T FORCE THEM OPEN!!!

I have my G purring like a kitten now and only had to buy rebuild kits for the carbs and the slave cylinder in the clutch system. Before you tear into the bike, drop me an email; I am fresh off of three weeks of doing this bike the right way, and can really help you save some money and not screw something up. I will be glad to help you. These are awesome bikes and I am happy that I found this showroom new OE on Craigslist so cheap.

Include GSX 1100 G in the subject line of your email.

Regards, Chuck, chuckbranham21@gmail.com

4th Sep 2023, 02:31

13 years plus I have not rode my 93 GSX-1100 G until Sept 1 2023 & Sept 2 2023 where I've added 160 miles. The bike has 30,200 total miles. Owned since new. At 69 years old, the bike is a lot.

15th Sep 2023, 18:10

I'm 68 and just bought a 93 GSX. It runs great

Don't know why I bought it. It was a good deal.

I can't ride it for a while; had a hip replacement 7 months ago and still having problems, but when and if I get better I'll have it ready.

Besides I like just looking at it.

Ride on Ride on Ride on.