7th Dec 2013, 10:49

G'day fellow G riders.

I've just bought a very nice late 91 manufactured G. Wow, what a bike! I live in country NSW, near the Victorian border, Snowy Mountains, Australia.

Our roads are fast and long around here until you hit the hills and twisty bits. This is ideal G territory!

This is a beautiful bike to ride that is just as you all described, very fast when it wants to be with a very solid feel on long runs and steady handling.

Just twist the throttle and 'bang' instant hard shove in the back!

Great feeling! It is a bike you need to be a little careful of though, but a great ride even now when it's got a few years under its belt!

I love riding it and can't imagine finding a reason to sell it. Just wish there were a few more around.


19th Feb 2015, 08:21

I think you should sell it to me cheap. Just joking man, take the carbs off and rebuild it. You can do it or have someone do it, or buy an OEM carb that's not leaking. Not a big deal.

9th Feb 2018, 04:31

Loved mine!!!

I had, perhaps, the best customized G ever, complete with stereo, CD, XM radio, tank bra, you name it (even the hard to find backrest).

You might want to add some floorboards from J.C. Whitney to those unused engine guard hole down low.

Here, this will really be a treat for you to read... and make sure you look at the images on the links. All posts under Johnathan are mine. Links to pics included.


p.s. - Tried to give my G (not sell) to anyone at the club and nobody would take it. Finally someone did after an accident and two years later, it made its way back to me.

Stay safe out there!!!