2005 Suzuki GZ250 from United States of America


Absolutely great bike!


I had to replace the battery.

General Comments:

I have had owned this bike since early April, and have put around 4K miles on her. I put on a new rear tire when I got it and had to replace the battery, but other than that, it's ready to go every day.

I do ride every day to work (32 mile round trip) rain, shine, cold or warm. I also ride every day off, so she gets no time to set around and get gummed up.

The road to my job is part 2 lane and part 4 lane, but all 55 mph speed limit. I never feel under gunned on this scooter. I'll even get it out on the interstate for short trips if the wind's not bad.

A head wind will make the bike's little engine fall short. Still, if I know the wind's going to be bad, I'll take the windshield off and just tuck low and I can do OK. In all honesty, she'll do 70, but it's a strain. Going along 55 - 60ish though is just what the bike likes.

I have added the little tassel lever covers, a nice big windshield, sissy bar and saddle bags. The bike looks great and I get compliments on it from riders and non riders alike. Heck, I even got the nod from a Hells Angel (at Starbucks, no less) so that's good enough for me! It looks good and is a hoot to ride.

The bad.. the seat can get a little uncomfortable rather quickly especially in hot weather, and it's a little cold natured. It likes a lot of choke and won't really idle dependably until it's really good and warmed up.

Sum total: I love it. Since April, I've only taken my car to work 2 days. Riding this 250 is a highlight of most of my work days.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2008

30th Sep 2008, 11:57

UPDATE... I am still the owner of the bike listed above. The mileage is now up to 11,850.

Still the maintenance has been low. I changed the front brake pads; they were worn out, but it was an easy job. Other than that, I just keep the oil and filter changed regularly. I put in Castrol synthetic oil last time and it seems to work out well. The bike still runs well and I still ride it every day.

I added a pair of LED tail lights to make me more visible and they work too! Yea, I'm going to eventually upgrade to a little bigger engined bike, but for now, me and the little 250 are still constant companions.

It's obviously not a bike for long interstate riding, but for commuting or just buzzing around, all I can say is BUY ONE! Especially if you, like I was, are fairly new to riding or returning to riding. It's a forgiving bike and will help you overcome little stupid riding mistakes, were you might drop a bigger bike.

Mileage.. still 60 or 65 mpg. I have kept track of every time I put gas in it. When I do the math over the gas I saved in the bike vs. my car, the bike has completely paid for itself. I'm now riding on profit and when I go to sell it, I bet I'll get back just about all I paid for it.