20th Feb 2009, 07:25

OK, last 250 update. After a year of riding and 13,653 miles, I've moved to a slightly bigger bike. I sold the GZ250 for nearly what I gave for it. Considering all the gas it saved me and all the fun it was, the 250 was a GREAT investment. Maintenance was never much. Oil and filter changes and chain upkeep. I still say, if you're thinking about learning to ride or regaining your skills, you won't go wrong with the GZ. I decided to trade mine before I just rode it completely to death and I found a deal I couldn't refuse on the new bike.

Bottom line.. GZ250; great experience.

11th Sep 2010, 21:00

What did you upgrade to? I own a GZ250 and wanted a good opinion. Thanks. Jacob G.

14th Sep 2010, 09:24

This bike handles! Great frame, stiff and no hobby horsing even when peg scrapping. Put quality tires on it and enjoy!

Typical Suzuki transmission, smooth and sure. Very good clutch feel, IMO a must for new riders. Neutral can be fiddly. I use the kill switch and start it in gear (with the clutch dis-engaged) sorry MSF. It is a price point bike. But it is a real motorcycle with the same controls and control placement as the big boys, and for the price of a scooter. Only engineering weakness is the rear drum brake. It is a good, honest motorcycle. For a new rider, especially females, it's light weight and easy, precise handling are a great help. BTW I am not connected with Suzuki in any way other than owning a GZ250.

27th Nov 2011, 15:38

I own a 97 GZ250... LOVE it. I get 80mpg. I learned to ride about 6 months ago, bought the GZ 4 months ago, put 4300 miles on her already. The only things I've had to do is chain maintenance and oil/filter changes. It does have to warm up when it's cold out. Neutral is easy to hit from 2nd gear. I would recommend this bike to anyone that has just learned, or wants really good MPG.