21st Apr 2019, 20:04

For some strange reason I found myself here again today. It's been a long time since my update and much has changed since I invested in a newer Harley back in 2015. I did mean to keep both for a while and then decide which way to go, but I bit the bullet and sold the Savage to someone desperate to get one. But circumstance meant I didn't get as much out of the Harley as I should have. I took ill and thought I'd never ride again, but I'm back almost to full health after an SAH which left me with some titanium in my head that filled up the aneurysm, but I have another untreated one which is being monitored; cut to the chase the Harley is just too heavy for me now. I'm not ready to give up biking yet, so guess what(!!), I now have another Savage Yay!!!! This one is older than the last one and almost 25 years older than the Harley (that I still have at the moment), but my new Savage was imported from the US, went through a customs house in the south of England and is mint; well it is at the moment as I haven't used it that much and it was stored and covered well when I got it mid winter. This is Scotland though so it is going to have to toughen up a bit. It is a stunning bike, but no way is it standard; an original 1986, 4 gear but with upgrades to the paint, exhaust, carb, air filter etc and it has been chopped a bit, so much lighter than the last one with much more power. A few tweaks still to do as some of the changes don't suit me, like flat, wide bars (I have original bull horns to go back on) and I need a bit more luggage space as the backseat has shrunk and it no longer has a backrest (which was handy for placing my helmet when stopped on the last one). I think I'll need to invest in a couple of tool rolls to carry small quantities of needed stuff with me as this one doesn't even have the tool box on it anymore. However some of the quirky stuff is still there like the backfire (but not nearly as noticeable or frequent as on my last one with the standard pipe). The colour scheme on this one is a little strange, but nice, it is white over grey with an orange pin stripe, but the seats and the handlebar grips are brown; it certainly stands out, but I really like it and it is going to give me loads more fun, fun, fun. Loving life and loving biking at the moment.

13th May 2020, 14:46

Another year on and I'm still a fan of the Savage. I traded in my Sportster for a Harley Street 750, which is a lot lighter than the Sportster, but still heavier than the Savage, and guess which one is the go to bike, yup the Savage :) .

Although it is May 2020 as I write this and the whole world has stopped for now and lockdown means no biking :( , that doesn't stop me tinkering :) I leave the Harley alone, but the Savage just begs for attention. I've changed a few things, added a few things, and polished it so much it shouts shiny and clean; I just can't wait to get it all dirty again, who knows maybe soon.

I'm still loving this bike, it's just a shame that the newer S40 hasn't been sold in the UK, and now I hear that Suzuki has called it a day and there will be no more Suzuki Savage dressed up in Boulevard S40 guise! Such a shame as it is, well for me anyway, such an iconic bike. I wanted one in the 80's, I got my second one (a 1986) in the 20-teens. I'm even thinking about getting a 2019 (the last year sold in the US) imported so I have the first and last of the model. Hopefully the 1986 one I have now will survive another few years, maybe even 'til the end of my biking days, but as it has lasted for more than 30 years now, I can only assume that a new one would definitely see me to the day I hang up my helmet. I really don't expect to be still riding at 86, but that would be good, and the LS650/S40 is probably the only bike light enough and low enough for me to even contemplate riding into my dotage. Biker for life, Savage owner too.

Don't believe the haters, if you want one get one, but don't expect an easy ride either. Like retro, ride retro, feel the vibe :) . I followed my dream and got my first one 20 odd years after I saw the Savage for the first time and let it go too soon. This one is a keeper :) and might even have a newer version stable mate some day soon.

21st May 2022, 15:11

Now it's 10 years since I wrote my first review on my first Savage. I still have the second one I mentioned in my last comment and another (a 2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40) which still goes affectionately by the LS650 name it had way back in its Savage days. This one hasn't changed much at all. 5 gears compared to the 1986's 4, different handlebars and a double seat that no longer has a backrest; that's about it. It is still a carbureted bike, still no low fuel warning or trip meter and yeah the speedo is still on the tank, just out of view when wearing a full faced helmet. This one does however have the push button to cancel the indicators. Another US import to add to my collection, but that's it, no more, they aren't in production now, but this one as standard as it came out of the factory, nothing touched at all, the Savage has had its day (if it ever did), but I don't care, I still love them, even if the backfire does get a bit annoying now and again, but it's quite easy to control to be honest and can be fun. It's still retro and still fun, fun, fun.