1997 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder from United States of America


Good size, manueverability, power, smoothness and load size


Regular maintenance is the only expense I have had with this motorcycle: tires, battery, a chain, brake pads and tune ups.

General Comments:

The motorcycle has been on multiple long trips of one to two thousand miles. I have added a fairing with driving lights, a travel trunk with park lights, and saddle bags with park lights.

The Suzuki cruises with much bigger bikes and in most cases will accelerate or pass right with them. The Marauder would pull the front wheel off the ground if the engine was throttled up close to the limiter before the clutch was released, before the addition of the traveling accessories. The seat was uncomfortable on a long ride or trip until I added a driver's backrest. I would like to have a better seat and I wish there was a complete exhaust system available for the 1997-1998 Marauder 800, instead of a slip-on muffler.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2017

1997 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder from United States of America


I must love it to spend that kind of money to fix it


Gearing was wrong: replaced front and back sprockets:

Chain wear seemed excessive: a chain per year.

Safety switch on the kickstand was an issue from the beginning.

General Comments:

Have driven this bike everywhere. From Michigan to Florida twice, and Kentucky and Tennessee. It isn't a comfortable bike for long hauls, but is VERY reliable.

It is WAY too expensive to do serious motor work. I seized the motor, and have spent $3,000 to rebuild it.

For mechanics it is an odd motor. 38mm crank and having to match hone the case bearings.

BUT, I couldn't have found a better quality and looking bike for the price to repair it.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2012

17th Nov 2018, 00:08

Yes friend, if you are still around I would love to chat with you on how you have your bike geared. My name is Ronald Spears, I'm on Facebook and also messenger; please contact me!! Thank you!

1997 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder from United States of America


One of the most durable dependable motorcycles I have ever owned!


Nothing! Unbelievable how mechanically perfect it still is at 42,000 miles! I don't abuse my bikes, but I ride them hard to get where I am going! Can't break it!

General Comments:

One of the best bikes I have ever owned! Best bang for the buck! Usually first year bikes have problems and bugs.. not this one! Good Job Suzuki!

I have been riding for 30 years and have owned many bikes.. street, dirt, you name it, I have rode it, tested it, cruised on it and worked on it, but I have never had a more durable machine!

Seating was a bit of a problem where comfort is concerned, but a gel pad insert sewn-in fixed that! With a low seat height, inverted forks, monster 130-90 front tire, it grips and corners exceptionally well! Not too dangerously powerful for even entry riders, but it still moves out good! Want a Reliable, Tough, Safe Motorcycle? Buy a VZ-800, you won't regret it!

Matt Wrighter.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

1997 Suzuki VZ800 Marauder from United Kingdom


A brilliant cruiser and well worth the outlay



General Comments:

What fun this bike is, at 50bhp as standard you could never take it to Santa Pod, but what a joy it is to ride.

Am immense amount of torque allows you to pull this bike from 25mph in top gear and literally accelerate away.

Once you have the right tyres on this bike, it will handle like a dream, seems to prefer either Metzeler ME880, or in my case Bridgestone Exeddra tyres. Forget any others as they appear to make the bike handle like a jelly in a washing machine.

One warning, once you have made your purchase, be prepared to spend even more money on extras, yes the bike cost me £2,500 second hand, and in 18 months I have spent nigh on another £1,500 on custom parts or performance improvements.

Never fails to turn heads due to the large amount of chrome on it, but be warned, the chrome you see is mostly chrome covered plastic. This is good in some ways as this means that the chrome will never flake as there is no metal underneath it to create dampness, but if you drop it, the panels crack and that's the end of it. Obviously the engine parts which are chromed are metal, but the adornments like side panels are not.

One downside is spare parts, Suzuki announced earlier this year that they were stopping making after-market parts for the Marauder. Although there is still stock left, this can only last so long, and I am finding except for the engine parts, which are still available, I am looking on various web pages for panels etc.

Having said that, if I carry on at this rate, there will not be much left of the original bike anyway - see that custom bug kicks in again - but again be warned, custom parts are not cheap, but they are definitely worth it.

The seat is the first thing to change, affectionately known in Marauder circles as 'the brick'. It will give you and your passenger a very numb bottom after 30 miles or so, and as some kind of idea, a comfortable replacement can cost anything from £150-£400.

A replacement exhaust to give it that 'meaty' sound and a bit more power, is anything from £200-£400.

Forward controls to make those long rides a little more comfortable are £200.

There you are, £1,000 already in the blink of an eye, and that is before you even start on the frame, paintwork, or the engine.

In my opinion, it's definitely worth it. There are not a huge amount of these on the roads, and if you can get one - do so, I do not think you will regret it. Just make sure you have an understanding partner, as it will take over part of your life.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

24th Feb 2006, 15:53

I've had my 2004 Marauder VZ800 for three weeks now, and have added 1,000 miles to the 3,000 that were on it when I bought it. I came off an '83 Suzuki GS750ES (sport touring bike... very fast, scary fast I guess) and still feel this is a very fast cruiser. Mine is black (blue metal flake in the sun) and the original owner removed all of the identifying emblems from it (bless him).

It is stable, has killer looks, and is the finest bike I've ever ridden (my 3rd bike). It lacks the temp gauge, the tach, the fuel gauge, and the gear indicator of my GS750ES... but honestly, I don't miss them. It is excellent in town as well as on the road.

Mine had a blow-out on the back tire at 80 mph two weeks ago, but luckily, with help from above, I was able to ride it to an upright stop with no damage, and I fixed the tire with a plug. My main concern was dropping and sliding the bike and messing it up... never once did my own safety occur to me. The bike looks that good.

I had originally planned to get a Sportster 883, or a Honda Aero 750 or a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Then I added the Invader and the Marauder to the wish list. The Marauder turned out to be the right bike for me; I was fortunate to find all of the listed bikes under one roof at the dealership and was able to sit on them all. I also compared the Marauder with those bikes and others on Bikez.com. It even seems to outdo them on paper.

I am 6'2 and weigh around 220. I have found that the bike fits me well, though it took a day or so to convert my style from the prone position of the GS. The only after market gear on my bike is the Cobra Slash Drag pipes... and they are loud. Wonderfully loud.

My MPG is usually between 32 and 37, but with the jetted carbs, though the MPG is lower, the power is great.

I love the bike and prefer its looks to the new M50... but I wouldn't mind one of those someday either. Don't guess I'd trade it for anything. I like it that much. It's comfortable... a 300 or more mile day trip is nothing to me. And there seem to be some good used VZ800's available yet. Be safe and lucky on the road.

11th Mar 2016, 09:31

Change your sprockets; that will get your gas mileage up. Mine gets about 50 MPG. I also have aftermarket pipes so it can breathe.

By the way, the stock engine get 85 horse I believe. But it's all mid and lower RPM. My wife has a Yamaha Virago 750 that's putting out 95 ponies and it is a sweet little bike. But the Marauder still smokes it on the road.

11th Mar 2016, 09:38

I made a misstatement earlier. The stock engine does put out 50 horse power. Mine was estimated to be 85 horse power after the work that has been done. Believe me when I say I could have paid for a new bike with the money I have spent on this marauder. But I love it!!!

9th Jun 2020, 00:32

The Virago 750 has about 50 to 60hp, and so does the VZ800.