22nd Sep 2011, 14:07

I am interested in the website that has the chain to belt conversion. What is the exact address???



3rd May 2012, 22:09

Scootworks.com do a great conversion. My buddy has a 2000 VZ800 like mine, but has the conversion on it. Wow, what a great difference in highway RPM and noise.

13th Sep 2012, 12:34

You can change the gearing using the original chain set up as well, too. It's not hard to do yourself, and much cheaper than a belt conversion. Have a larger sprocket in front and a smaller rear. It makes a difference. Remember to cut the chain about 1 inch to match, but it's strictly not necessary.

RPM at 60 MPH is now about 600 lower, and much, much more relaxing. 0-60 feels about the same. The original gearing is way, way too low.

16th Apr 2013, 21:53

I live in the Midwest US. Lots of rain, curvy roads, and ride in the winter with the temps in the teens Fahrenheit. Cruisers seem to be a bike more suited to true bikers.

17th Mar 2014, 02:55

The VZ needs some modifications to be more usable.

1. You really have to change gearing. +2 in front and -2 rear really did the trick. This gives much more relaxed cruising and better MPG.

2. Also changed the seat to aftermarket.

3. Rear suspension should also be changed to aftermarket. This really transforms the ride of the bikes. The original suspension is somewhat harsh and insensitive. Feels too hard at low speed, and at high speed it doesn't feel sure-footed. The right parts will transform how this bike handles and turns.

4. I've also got +10 HP by re-jetting, K&N filters and open Silvertail aftermarket exhaust, but this is really personal taste. Many will find the VZ to have enough HP originally. My point is that this bike can be modified quite easily (for the newer injection bikes, I don't know what to do) and for little money. These changes may make your bike fail emission checks, so do a check up on this.