2007 Yamaha FZ1 from United States of America


If you can only own 1 bike, look no further



General Comments:

Splendid do-it all motorcycle.

Nimble without being twitchy, very stable at speed.

Heavy enough for the highway, light enough for the street.

Light enough to move around a garage easily.

Heavy enough to plow thru highway crosswinds.

Insanely fast, but without being intimidating.

Real steel tank is ideal for a magnetic tank bag.

Near perfect riding position for 6-footers.

Lovely, fully adjustable suspension for its price range.

Brakes are sublime, especially for price range.

Stock Pilot Road tires sticky, yet durable...

Smooth engine, very buzz-free inline four.

Decent mileage, I get about 34 MPG highway.

All day comfort, if you add an aftermarket seat.

Stock seat is hot, painful, + nut crunching.

Very sporting, even more so with rearsets.

Best value bike in USA, got new for $6.5K.

Loads of aftermarket support.

Great illumination from dual headlights.

Lo RPM pull after 16T sprocket swap is good.

To go full-on psycho hooligan streetfighter:

1.) Full Yosh exhaust adds 8hp, drops 13 lbs.

2.) Euro FZ1N front end conversion drops 13#.

3.) Center stand delete drops 6#.

4.) EXUP, AIS delete drops 2#.

5.) Airbox mod + filter adds 2-3 hp.

6.) Swap to R1 forks, handles better & drop 5#.

7.) Dump bar end weights, rear pegs, drop 2#.

8.) Remove toolkit + reflectors, drop 1#.

9.) Swap to lithium phosphate battery, drop 8#.

10.) Rear fender eliminator, drop 1#.

10.) Replace 17T front sprocket with 16T.

11.) Ivan's flash/PC5 with map = 175 crank hp.

Result: 387 lbs (dry), 175 hp, 79 ft-lbs, screaming wheelie machine!!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2017

3rd Apr 2021, 22:51

You mentioned a Euro front end. Where did you get it? Thanks.

2007 Yamaha FZ1 from United States of America


Poetry in motion!



General Comments:

Well, I'm about 650 miles and a week into my purchase of a new 07 FZ1, and I have been pleasantly surprised in every way with this bike so far. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.

After putting about 4000 miles on my previous "new" bike purchased 7 months ago, getting on my FZ1 has made me happier in every way. I won't mention the make/model of the other bike to avoid negative perceptions, since that bike was nice too, but after riding the FZ1, I have NO desire to ride the previous bike.

My FZ1 rides smoother, the engine runs smoother than expected, and is very predictable. The bike is easy to ride slow, as strange as that may sound, as well as fast. The engine is smooth and the bike is easy to ride from 10MPH through 140+ (haven't taken it past that yet, and probably shouldn't, but for those that want to, there was plenty left to go after the 140 mark, I just ran out of road at the time, or maybe I just scared myself silly and backed off. Probably a good thing.)

Cornering is very stable, and I feel much more steady and confident in the corners than with my previous bike, and that bike is "known" for its handling ability. I didn't realize how nervous or uncertain I was in the corners with my previous bike until got on my FZ1 and rode my same favorite corners. With my FZ1, those same corners went from occasionally unnerving work to smooth, steady, and FUN!! The way they should be!

If you are "on the fence" about buying this bike, don't be. For me, this bike is tame when I need it to be, a guided missile when I want it to be, and an absolute joy everywhere in between! I've had four other bikes (all bought new) over the years, and this FZ1 is hands down the most satisfying, and fun ride I've ever had on a bike!!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

28th Jul 2007, 16:28

I liked your review, since I'm someone who last rode a 400cc bike 8 years ago, and want a bike that will be easy to ride at slow speeds without lurching in busy traffic. I'm still a little scared, though I was a very good rider then. Just rusty. Perhaps I'll get the FZ1 if I feel I can manage to ride it EASILY at 20-40 mph till I get more comfortable.