10th May 2009, 21:08

I have an 04 FZ1 and have ridden it for a bit over 42,000 miles. I love this bike. I've had 3 BMW's, a Suzuki Intruder LC 1500, a Yamaha Virago 1100, an 82 Honda Gold Wing, and this FZ1 is MINE!. I get 48 - 50 mpg in my daily commute to work. Valves still do not need adjustment. For any one riding a cruiser that is considering one of these you will find a new world. It handles and performs with such a confidence inspiring response that you will be more confidant and relaxed with this new machine than any cruiser.

12th Jun 2009, 17:58

2009 FZ1 First 1000 miles.

OK, I have about 3800 miles on the FZ1 now. I installed the gel seat from Yamaha when I had right at 1100 miles.

The seat is harder than the stock seat and took a little getting used to. Is it better? Is it more comfortable?

Comfortable in this situation is a relative term. I'll do my best to explain...

The stock seat is softer, due to that, there are two points that become VERY uncomfortable because the foam eventually gives enough to feel two distinct pressure points. These points pain hurt at level of around 8, 10 being worst after about 35 minutes of riding.

The gel seat being a little harder and not breaking down as much, the points are not felt, HOWEVER, instead of two point on my rear hurting at level 8 after 35 minutes, my whole rear hurts at a level of about 3 to 5 after about 1.5 hours of riding. The gel seat discomfort is bearable. The stock seat pressure points are not, the pain level gets to 10 within and hour of riding. I'm 42 so I'm sure that has something to do with this. Although I have been riding all my life and my rear has seen it's share of hard seats over the years.

I hope this helps anyone out there considering buying a gel seat from Yamaha. I would get the gel seat, but don't expect a night and day difference, however you will be able to ride all day. (with a few breaks of course, you gotta get gas eventually)

27th Jun 2009, 15:16

2008 FZ1: Great motorcycle! I ridden bikes most of my adult life - say maybe 8 different bikes in all. This is the best handling bike I've ever ridden. As one reviewer pointed out, challenging corners I took with my previous bike become fun, confident on the FZ1.

I've read power is absent until 5K. This must be a relative experience. I experience the Fz1 pulling nicely @ 4K and I love the linear power band.

The stock seat works for me. Though no rides longer that 100 miles yet. I love the seat position.

I do wish for better MPG. Somewhere in the low 30's I think. Perhaps that will improve after the engine is fully broken in, or I stay off the throttle a bit.

Best part of the bike is the razor sharp handling.

1st Sep 2009, 08:38

I've owned both FZ1's pre 2006, and I would never go back to the "old" FZ1 because the new one is simply more fun to drive. The only thing the old FZ1 is better in is the low end power, and whereas the old one is a sport tourer, the new one is a sport sport tourer.

Change to 16er sprocket, mount a good sport exhaust (the exup is for homologation purposes only) and try good tyres (Michelin Pilot Power). You'll ride a stunning screamer as well as an executor for twisting roads. If you are looking for a fun to ride all rounder, the new FZ1 is your bike.

1st Jun 2010, 11:27

After having hit a deer with my 04 Yamaha Warrior last year and totaling the bike, I wanted to get something a little more fun while I was still young (30).

I've had the FZ1 in my sights when originally looking last year. I had dealers tell me to get the 1 instead of the 6 because of my height. I'm about 6,1 @ 195. My folks live 200 miles away, so I needed something I could ride for that amount of time.

I ended up getting an 06, and my rear feels like it's on fire after about 75 miles, and I find myself moving all over to find comfort. I am looking at some seats; Corbin has one and the Yamaha gel seats. Wondering if anyone has any of these and what they would recommend?

Oh yeah, and I love the bike. It is so much fun to drive, and I'm looking at putting on my fender eliminator with LED signals and a Yoshi pipe soon.

17th Jun 2010, 09:09

I just bought a new '09 FZ1, and love everything about the bike, except the seat, and especially the shifting.

I bought the Yamaha Gel seat, and it is not really much more comfortable. Just different. Going to try the stock one again after 266 miles yesterday.

My real problem is the shifting. It is very harsh and notchy, pretty much in all gears up or down. It is better when hard on the throttle. I have about 850 miles and changed the oil to synthetic Amsoil. Clutch is perfectly adjusted, etc. Was hoping miles and the oil might help, but no improvement so far.

I have other bikes, HD's, Ducati, Triumph, etc., and this is far and away the worst shifting bike I own. Truly love everything else about it, especially the handling, power, and brakes.

6th Sep 2010, 17:25

I am continuously amazed to read the cycle editors praise of this or that bike, as having such and such HP and TORQUE. I then go to the specs, and find it to be one to three hundred pounds more, thirty to forty HP less, and twenty to thirty pounds less TORQUE. OH! The price is always seven to eleven thousand more! The manufacturer is some distant name. I could imagine a break down in the Georgia mountains. To ask someone there the location of the nearest Ducati or Triumph dealer would, most probably, elicit an response, i.e., "...around the next bend and cross yonder dirt road is MAMA'S HOUSE." They said they is the triumph of theirs competition. So I'd eat there I'd guess!

YES!!! It's got water cooling., mag. wheels, fuel injection, electronic ignition, windshield, light weight. Made by an old reliable source with DEALERS - even in Ga. mountains!

It's as good as FJR 1300 - I had one. Too heavy it was. Could NOT get it on center stand. The FZ1 has a center stand too. It's four cylinder. Do NOT want to give Yamaha the big head, but it is underpriced. Honda could not make it, but if they could, it would be close to twenty thousand.

NOW! I am 76, have an 07 and 08. Black and red with soft tail bag, taller windshield. Ride safe guys!


11th Jan 2011, 19:39

I bought a 2006 FZ1, second generation. I purchased the bike new. I have been riding bikes since 1963. All types of bikes.

I have to say, I like the FZ one best. You can drive it slow, it is really nice to drive a fast bike slow; the power of it is really is insane, though it's more usable than the racing crowd on their hunched over non-real world track bikes. Usable horsepower is what it's about. Real-world roads are what we mostly drive on, right?

Long cruises I use air seat. That extends my drive time by a factor of four. The setup far as the suspension is concerned is sport touring, super sport. The secret of the FZ1 is finesse. I liked the brutal look of it!!

21st Jun 2011, 09:14

Your report is dead on. I went up 1 tooth on the rear to 46, and things just happen; 52 to 60 is 42mpg, 62 to 110 is 28mpg.

1st Apr 2020, 18:46

Yes this is a great bike, but your next bike should be a FZR6; plenty fast, 135 tops, and lighter. The FZS1 is really fast. I have been riding for 50 years on so many bikes it would take all day to tell the story. I started my son at 12 riding 100 cc Kawasaki. He had some falls and I made him learn how to lay it down without getting hurt. Then as he got better, he moved to a 250 Suzuki and then to a 650f Suzuki. As a dad I wanted him to love riding and learn how to get the most out of each bike. He now rides a Triumph Dual Sport 800... What I'm getting at is the FZ1 is really fast; even really good riders need to respect its power. If you have it you will use it as the story goes. I have taken many spills; some worse than others. Build on your skills and revisit this bike at a later date . PS, watch the Isle of Man TT motorcycle races, most of those bikes are 600 cc class.