7th Aug 2007, 04:51

I have a Bandit 650 and am looking to move up, as this is my first bike. It's the FZ1 that excites me the most. What do you think?

25th Sep 2007, 00:05

I have owned a 2001 FZ1 and now own a 2006 FZ1.

I had heard complaints of engine bog about the 2006 model, but in my experience it was only slight and goes away after a couple thousand miles.

When I picked up the bike and rode it for the first time, I couldn't believe how harsh the suspension was. I hit a bump at about 40 MPH and was almost launched off the bike. Fortunately, I had purchased a workshop manual when I bought the bike. After going through the adjustment procedure in the book (all mean settings), and airing both front and rear tires to 36 PSI, things were much improved in the ride department. I did however make an additional adjustment to the rear spring preload (one notch softer than the recommended setting).

I think my 2001 FZ1 was faster than the 2006, but I'm still happy with the overall performance of the 2006, and recommend to everyone to buy one.

Between these two machines, I had a Yamaha 1700 Road Star Silverado with carburetor jet kit and cobra slip-ons. It was just so boring. If you want to have fun, the FZ1 is for you.

28th Mar 2008, 11:17

Well I just bought a 2007 FZ1 less than a week ago, and though it isn't my first bike, it is my first new bike.

I was a little hesitant since it is a liter bike and I haven't ridden in a couple years, but after my test ride, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the throttle could be if you want it to.

I have heard of the harsh on / off throttle on the 2006 models, but they must have fixed it because mine is pretty smooth.

I didn't buy the bike I test rode, I went to another dealer and bought one there (much better customer service). I will say though that the first bike I rode (the one I test rode) was quite a bit smoother (read - better tuned); I think that dealer had a top notch mechanic. It took them about 2 hours to "tune the bike and get it ready for my test ride", while the bike I purchased only took them about 30 min. I think there is something to be said for the person setting up the bike. I also think I will take it to the first dealer to have my first service done on it.

In case anyone is interested, I am getting 39.873 or so miles per gallon. It should go up from there as the break-in gets further along from what I hear.

I am really looking forward to my Gel seat coming today, as the stock seat just isn't comfy enough for my 5'11" 210 pound ass after about an hour of riding. Hope this helps someone.

Oh, BTW, I bought the 07 instead of the 08 because the dealer gave me an outstanding deal since it was a previous year bike. Just my $0.02!

3rd Jul 2008, 23:20

I just purchased a used '05 FZ1 with about 4.5K miles on it. I was a little nervous as it has been about 15 years since I had a street bike.

All I can saw is Wow! This thing is awesome. Tons of power, yet very smooth and easy to ride. Everything came back within an hour or two - turns out that there was absolutely nothing to fear. My last ride was an 86 KZ1100, which I had hopped up a bit. It's like night and day. Smooth, nimble, great handling, and very controllable.

25th Jul 2008, 07:45

I am picking my FZ1 up on Monday..

I can't freakin wait, this is going to be my 3rd street bike and my 2nd 1000. I walked in the dealer thinking FJR, I wanted a bike that I can jump on and ride to the keys or take a trip to wherever, but man I wasn't able to take my eyes off the FZ1. I kept jumping on the bike and walking over to the FJR. Now the FJR is a very nice bike, but man I have to say this it is a bike for someone that is a little more on the mellow side of the red line I think ha ha, and well I talked and looked, and then I found out you can get lower fairings; sold LOL.

I picked up a killer icon and frame slides, so here I sit in Daytona Beach, the clock is moving so slow (tick, tick), I am trippin until I get my hands on the bike.

Will post after I ride a bit, and let you guys know what I like and don't like.

30th Jan 2009, 13:25

I have a 2006 FZ1. I'm very satisfied with my selection. I have been riding from the early sixties.

I would like to hear from some one on the Fz1 Gel seat offered by Yamaha. Seats are very hard to rate, You won't know about them until you put some miles on them. I can ride about 45 minutes until I start feeling uncomfortable on the stock seat. Anyone have a Gel seat? I would appreciate a comment.

23rd Feb 2009, 10:30

I have 26,000 flawless miles on my 07 FZ1. I'm a wild man on it because it inspires confidence!! The other day I did 150 for 3 minutes. Wow!

Gotta a Yoshi pipe and a power commander, and 1 tooth smaller counter shaft sprocket.

I've had tons of bikes (21), but this Yamaha is my favorite. You throw down and redline through the gears and hand the f___ on because it all happens fast. I'm getting goosebumps just writing about it. Well that's all, I'm going riding.

15th Apr 2009, 12:01

I own a 2002 FZ1. It has 1600 miles on it but that's going to change soon.

I am very pleased with the performance and appearance of this bike. I am a big guy so I needed a sporty bike with an upright seating position. It has all the power I will ever need in a motorcycle. I found a real jewel, and would consider purchasing a newer model, but I got into motorcycling for 3700.00 bucks cash and the bike is in showroom condition. I couldn't be more pleased.

16th Apr 2009, 18:46

I just picked up a 2009 FZ1. It's really a nice bike. One of the other writers in this forum hit the nail on the head, "Tame when you need it to be, a rocket when you need to really haul buggy!"

I too am about 5' 10", about 215 lbs. I am every bit of 42 years old so after about an hour I really feel the stock seat. I ordered a gel seat, I hope it does the trick because I hate to put the bike in the garage once I get on it..!

I have been riding all my legal driving life. (since 15 yrs old) I have had many Harleys, a Hayabusa (totaled), an R1, a GSXR1000 and 2 gold wings. (a 2002 - totaled, and a 2006 - for sale now, not a scratch) Motorcycling is in my blood!

I plan on installing a Yoshimura exhaust and probably a Power Commander. Not sure about sprockets or gearing. I sort of like the way thing are now, a few more horses may make this my PERFECT bike. I don't need it to be too easy to wheelie. This bike will wheelie in first, but it takes some clutch to get the front wheel in the air. You can get the front wheel up by getting the RPM's up to 6000 RPMs and rocking the throttle... HARD. The problem with this method is as soon as you get the front wheel up, it's time to shift and 2nd isn't much taller than 1st. So, you have to shift, shift QUICK. Pretty tricky. Best method I found is to dump clutch in first around 3000 RPMs and get the front end up high, then you have enough engine left to go through the rest of the gears. Note: it takes a pretty healthy dump to make the front end come up enough as not to use too much of the RPMs to get to the sweet spot.

This bike stoppies a lot easier than it wheelies. Stoppies are not a problem. For the record, wheelies and stopies are very addictive, if you don't know how to do them, JUST SAY NO! I am a recovering addict! haha. I am doing a lot better, maybe, just maybe the guys at Yamaha knew that the old squids would need to get off their wheelie and stoppie fix and designed this bike. So, I guess I'm on the patch now! (FZ1)

Hey, I love this bike... no kidding. It really has all I need and then some. It is great at highway speeds and great in town. As I get older, my riding range is getting smaller. Now, I take a compass and draw a 100 mile radius around my Louisiana home town and on any given day I am exploring new twisties, rustic cafe's, interesting sights and people... within that circle that is 200 miles across. Most days I stay within 75 miles. Sometimes I ride the same roads over and over. Yes, they are that much fun and interesting.