9th Sep 2011, 23:50

People do need to be aware, truth is this bike has more engine than frame. The front forks are a tad weak, causing a wobble at high speeds. I had this bike going about (max) 140mph and had the death wobble going. 100 to 120, I think you're fine. I also had a Yamaha Maxim X at about 135mph, also had a wobble, but was more stable. These bikes are the best of the 80's, I suggest to keep speeds less than 110. Yes, we know not to break the limit, these bikes as many others' need recognition and be careful. These 700 cc bikes will out run cruisers twice the cc capacity.

16th Jan 2012, 21:28

Can you post some pics of the bike after the front fork swap? I just got one, and have a set of GSX-R front forks sitting in my garage... They're makin' eyes at each other.

30th Jun 2014, 00:11


What size and brand of tires did you put on your bike after the mods you mentioned?

Bob, '87 Fazer 700.

24th Apr 2015, 16:18

Hi Phil, My name is Jake and I just picked up (from a barn in rural Oregon, hahaha) my new-to-me 1987 Fazer; it's in pretty good shape with about 21k miles. You seem to know your stuff, do you have a link you'd recommend for Fazer owners? I'm so psych'd for this bike. I used to have a poster of it in high school on my wall; now I have the keys!!! fetid_ftw@yahoo.com is a great email for me if you are so inclined to respond. Thank you!

14th May 2015, 07:31

Ha, posted that comment a LONG time ago. I ride a FJR1300 now, had to go with a bike with some long distance capability and storage space. Loved my FZX, and as far as I know, the guy who bought it is still flogging it.

You can find out all the info you need on the front fork swap on the Yahoo FZX700 forum or even by googling FZX700 fork upgrade. I put on a complete front end from a 1994 FZR600, which gave me a 17 inch wheel, 300mm rotors, and then installed 2000 R-1 blue dot monobloc calipers, and had great handling and braking. I also installed a rear wheel and swing arm off an FZR600, but that was a lot more complicated as I had to cut off the monoshock parts and weld on the twin shock parts.

One word of caution, there are a LOT of trolls on the FZX700 forum, tread lightly.

20th May 2023, 02:41

I am trying to fit a 130×90×16 on the front, will have to modify fender and fork brace placement, otherwise I think it will work; couldn't find a matching set in the correct size, that's the only reason for such a tire approx 4 inches taller.