2010 Yamaha Majesty 400 from United States of America


Best Maxi scooter on the road


I have had no problems with the 3 Yamaha Majesty's that I have owned.

General Comments:

I have had 3 Yamaha Majesty's over the years, and I just purchased a new 2010 model. I have owned a Yamaha Vino 125, 3 Majesty's, 2005 Honda Silver Wing scooter, 2008 Burgman 650 and a 2006 Aprilia Scarabeo 500 GT.

Of all the scooters that I have owned, I would rate the Majesty at the top. It is a well made and designed scooter. I have taken mine on cross country trips, and it performs great and gets 60 to 62 mpg on the highway all day.

The Silver Wing and Burgman were nice, but not as comfortable, and the gas mileage was only in the 40's.

The Majesty has the most storage of any scooter, and the motor is bullet proof. I have had no problems with my Majesty's. The Burgman was the only scooter that gave me problems with failed drive gears twice.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2011

2005 Yamaha Majesty 400 from United States of America


A blast to ride; fun, speedy, maneuverable


Gas mileage recently dropped off -- from ~62 to ~49.5. It's certainly possible that I've just gotten harder on the throttle. Service due soon; the dealership has been pretty helpful, and I'm fairly confident that I'll find out then.

General Comments:

Hmm. Well, just to get it out of the way -- it feels a bit too high, to me. I'm 5'9" and if I was any shorter I'd not be able to fit both feet on the ground (while sitting) at once. That said -- I can see over most cars, which is nice in traffic, and they're less likely to miss the bike moving down the road. Balance is just fine, too, and it handles well!

No problems at all keeping up -- or passing *quickly* -- other traffic. Yeah, it's a bit of a rattler over bumps, but sticks to the road just fine, even in fairly high (25mph) wind. Still has power to accelerate past the idiots (even if they're idiots moving at 70+), and will stop when you need it to!

I got this one used from a friend who'd put the first 18k on it (oh yes, the price was right), and if I ride this one into the ground I'll seriously consider getting another, rather than those cruisers that I've had my eye on. You can't beat the storage without getting a car, and you can park 'em anywhere.

Love it!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008

2007 Yamaha Majesty 400 from United States of America


A BLAST to own and ride!



General Comments:

I bought this scooter after renting a Honda Beat scooter on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. It was so much fun that for 2 weeks after our return to the states, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to own one.

After going back and forth between the Suzuki Bergman 400 and the Majesty, we found a Majesty at our local Yamaha dealer and checked it out. We left that evening with a 2007 Majesty 400 in Galaxy Blue with zero miles on it.

The first ride was a complete joy, and it just gets better after every ride. Acceleration is excellent and braking is even more amazing. You sit about eye level with people driving SUV's and for me at 6' tall, I can see over car roofs.

It's a solid and smooth ride and there isn't one one bad thing I can say about it. It gives me so much confidence. After every stop light in traffic I leave everyone in the dust. It doesn't even feel like I'm even trying to, it just happens because it's quick.

The seat is very comfortable and my wife feels secure on the back when we ride together. Our first 30 mile day trip was fantastic and it does extremely well on the freeway - again, inspiring confidence.

I'm enjoying this scooter WAY more than I did my Honda 700 Shadow (shaft drive). Not having to worry about shifting gives your mind time to just enjoy the ride. I highly recommend this scooter to everyone who wants to save on gas money, but even more, to just have fun riding!

If you have questions visit the forum at majestyusa dot com. All I want to do anymore is go riding. :D.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2008