11th Oct 2012, 21:47

Does anyone know how how to reset the v-belt indicator? Mine has been flashing since 10k miles, and I just changed it out at 20k miles. But it is still flashing.

11th Oct 2012, 21:54

You must open your seat and look at the back "wall" of your compartment. There are two pins. Take a screw driver and push in the center of each pin. This will loosen the battery cover above your tail lights. Then you must unscrew the bolts on the side of your passenger seat and take off the cushion. You'll need some Allen wrenches. After that, it's pretty easy to find the bolts and screws needed to remove the passenger grip bar and get to the battery.

5th May 2013, 12:53

What kind of diaphragm did they change?

11th May 2015, 21:30

I have 42000 miles on my Majesty and still have the original belt. Ride and enjoy... Chuck.

30th May 2015, 10:15

I own a 2006 Yamaha Majesty. Love it... but at the moment I'm having battery issues. My battery died... so I replaced it. Went out to ride it and the brand new battery is dead already. I've been told by coworkers that it is most likely a short or alternator. How do I know which it is, and where do I start to find the problem?

12th Aug 2015, 02:14

If the speedometer is 10 mph off at 70 mph, that is about a 13 percent error.

So maybe it really gets 49 MPG, not 60.

18th Aug 2015, 03:34

The speedometers on all the Majesty 400s seem to be on the high side by 10-12%, but the odometers seem to read mileage correctly. Your MPG calculations should be quite accurate. Don't know why that is, but others on the Majesty USA forum have found the same thing.

20th Jul 2016, 19:55

My 2009 Majesty has almost 30K miles and I have never replaced the V-belt yet, taking my chances, driving on the very left or right freeway lane to be ready to stop safely in case it breaks. This is a very good bike, never had any problems.

21st Aug 2016, 08:03

Make sure you have towing on your policy or a way to get it home/shop. You will be stranded for sure. Buy a replacement belt and keep it handy.

3rd Jan 2019, 21:11

I have not replaced the belt myself.

I would like to, but the clutch has a heavy spring and can be tricky.

I'll enclose a video or two that may help.

One shop will do it for $164 US dollars (flat bench price) and said that I should check it for wear or slippage before bringing it in. All the belts he was asked to replace at the recommended mileage of 12,500 had virtually no wear and did not need to be replaced. Some owners have let the belt go for up to 30,000 miles or more before replacing.

Another dealer wanted $180 and did not seem as honest.

If you are mechanically inclined and have a service manual (Amazon has a CDROM version for under $20) then by all means, give it a shot.

Here are the videos:




Have fun.

22nd Nov 2019, 18:53

I agree!! There are those who'll criticize a bike for letting in too much sun or "vibrating a wee bit" at 120 mph, but at 70+ with MANY bikes over the years under my fanny, the Majesty is my all time favorite.