10th May 2008, 19:39

Check out the website xjbikes.com. They have a very active forum. It's helped me out more times than I can count.

1st Jul 2008, 14:10

Don't know exactly what you are looking for, but I can tell you that you got one "HECK" OF A BIKE for a case of beer!

I purchased mine back in 1982 for somewhere around $3500. According to an old friend who had one, the XJ750J Maxim was the fastest 750 production bike built in 1982 (including the crotch rockets).

Maintenance free shaft drive, & one of the things I love is my horn sounds like a car horn (not some squeaky little squeal).

Due to two (2) back surgeries, I was unable to ride for many years. Doc says that my pain will not get any better, so if I want to ride - Go ahead & ride.

I am refurbishing my 82 right now, & buying parts like crazy on e-bay. You ever decide to sell, drop me an e-mail @ sean.g.boyd@us.army.mil

21st Jul 2008, 23:39

I hope this help with the question about getting information on the 750 Maxim. I actually had a manual, loaned it out and it never returned. The 750 information was actually a supplemental manual to go along with the 650 and 750 manual... The book was for the 650 and 750. Can get one at the dealer. Well, you used to be able to. Yes I had the bike to go along with the manual... Had it for years with only tune ups required...

As for the power, Sorry to say but it wasn't the 750 Maxim that was the quickest of the day.. It was the 750 Seca.. The engines looked the same on the outside, but on the inside there were differences..

The Seca and the Honda Nighthawk were in a battle for who was best.. Take note that the Seca also had a 650 Turbo bike back in the day.

27th Jul 2008, 08:50

Question for other owners of this bike. I just bought a 1982 750 Maxim, changed the oil for the first time yesterday. All went well, until I poured the oil from the pan into a recycling jug and heard a "plop". I fished out a spring and I don't know exactly where it came from. It is about the diameter of the shaft that holds the filter housing. So I am assuming it goes on the shaft after the oil filter, but I am not sure what it would be there for. Can anybody help me out here?

3rd Aug 2008, 02:28

I have an 82 Maxim 750. When I turn on the blinkers, I hear the flasher relay make a noise, but the blinkers are not working? I tested the wiring and no power to the front blinkers. I did remove the second head light and taped off the connection for a cleaner look. Could that create a problem with the rest of the wiring? In the fuse box the turn signal fuse gets real hot when I test the blinkers. The horn works and I thought it went to the same relay? Is the relay shot? Or something else?

Any help. I'm lost.

Thanks, Michael.

2nd Oct 2008, 18:02

Hey there,

I must have a euro bike 7/82 Maxim 750 with a factory full Yamaha fairing with two side and one top hard boxes, all stamped Yamaha, but I can't find any info on this stuff! Anybody got an idea?

For the guy before, bad tires kill people, check for cracks.

Thanks busman.

29th Aug 2009, 14:53

I have a 1982 Yamaha XJ750, and you notice your fuse box gets hot. What I did I replace today was the fuse box; no more tube fuses, I changed to box fuses and they are cool now, no more hot fuses. Whew. Make the blinker work normally as other bikes.

Contact me mgkwarta@comcast.net for more information.

13th Sep 2009, 12:58

I bought my 750 Maxim, used from a local dealer in 1999. I replaced the exhaust system as the muffler box under the engine was rotted out possibly due to having sat for some time.

It has been real dependable. Plenty of power, but a little cold blooded and difficult to start after it has sat for some time.

Like the power. I get about 48 MPG if I don't get throttle happy with it.

These old Yamahas are hard to come by here in North Idaho. Next spring I'm going to have the local Yamaha dealer replace the steering head bearings and the fork seals. Job cost estimate is going to be about $425.00 to complete. I'm 65 years old and the cost of replacing this bike is out of reach for me. Will keep it.

5th Oct 2009, 20:33

I have an 85 Maxim XJ 700 and can't seem to find the fuses. My head light went out, I tried replacing the bulb, but it still doesn't work?

7th Oct 2009, 18:27

The fuses should be under the seat, under a small black cover. About 5 or 6 glass tube style fuses.

31st Oct 2009, 20:42

I recently acquired a 1982 Yamaha XJ750 Maxim from a buddy of mine, and it has by far been the best bike I have ever owned. I have recently rebuilt the engine to get it running like new and the power is phenomenal! I weigh 320 lbs and I can't even keep the front end down. I have been searching for a right side battery cover since I got the bike, but can't find one. If any one out there has one, can they please hit me up. Can I post my phone number on here for contact info?

1st Nov 2009, 06:09

You can add your phone number if you want, but I'd suggest an email address in preference, as putting your phone number on a publicly visible web page is something that's difficult to undo, whereas closing an email account is less painful.

Steven Jackson

CSDO Media Limited

6th Dec 2009, 08:11

I bought a Yamaha Maxim 82/750 at the beginning of Summer with 45k on the mileage. It was not the prettiest thing on the road, but I gotta tell you this bike's got cahones, quick quick quick.

I replaced the fuse box with inline tubes, replaced neck bearings, had the carbs boiled clean, and some other maintenance, and this sucker is nice, shifts very smoothly and stops on a dime. I'm going to strip it down and make it a cafe/chopbob, but parts are limited. All the parts catalogs have every bike except this one.

I'm still gonna pimp it. I put 1500 miles on it this summer alone, and it has never let me down.

Import minded, scrap the plastic. Peace.

28th Dec 2009, 14:00

I just bought an 82/750 Maxim, and the clutch is off. I have to let it all the way out before I get any forward momentum. I tried to adjust it, but now as soon as I put it in gear, it dies, as if I was dropping it in gear without using the clutch. I have adjusted it all the way, both ways and it does the same. Is there a trick that I don't know? Any hints would be muchly appreciated.

16th Mar 2010, 01:54

Hello, I just bought a 82 Maxim, and it ran fine til I took it out one day. I let it cool down, and I tried to start it, and it idled fine, then ran up to 6,000 rpms. I just had the carbs cleaned when I first got it, because it had bad gas in it. But it still revs up to 5,000, even with the throttle disconnected and the choke closed. So I bought a carburator from eBay to try to fix it, and it does the same thing. Do you know what it could be?