30th Jun 2006, 14:27

I also have a T80 Townmate, got two for 200 quid, one had been down the road on its side and the other had been left for 5 years. Drained the tank, re plugged and put a new battery on the one that had been standing, put new fuel in it, fired up first time, ticked over like a swiss watch.

Got it MOT'd, it passed first time, wouldn't expect anything else. The other one that had been down the road I use for spares, as it was only the frame that is bent. The T80 Townmate is perfect mode of transport. It also likes wheels up launches away from the lights too.

6th Jul 2006, 03:57

I've had my T80 for 2 years now, and I love it. I bought it from an old man who couldn't find a buyer, I felt sorry for him. I bought it for £200, with 8000m on the clock.

Very reliable and economic. I use it in preference to my car for commuting. The only low point in riding it came when I passed some kids who yelled "it's an old lady on a moped!"

Does anyone know of a good source for spare parts? I need a new exhaust, the old one is very rusty.

27th Sep 2006, 18:09

Good place for spares in west london -

Dennis Heath

The Graveyard


29-30 Fourth Cross Road



TW2 5EL.


28th Sep 2006, 10:29

With regards to the most latter part of the third comment, I have to agree with you mate, although I have had both the T80 and C90, but preferred most of the characteristics of the T80, the C90 engine produced loads more torque than the T80.

For example, with the C90, stick it in third (top) gear when at any speed and leave it there. The motor would still pull easily up to maximum speed, even with two up. Unfortunately, with regards to the T80 trying to do the same, forget it. The T80 required more use of the gearbox in general.

23rd Oct 2006, 16:58

I have recently inherited a T80 - it started out as a T50 but was unusably slow! I stuck a T80 engine in it and now it's great - top speed 45 easy. I get about 120 mpg which is ideal for commuting.

The spares are really easy to get - just got a brand new exhaust for £36 all in. The 4 speed box is smooth and once you're moving you only need to drop to 3rd for the corners.

Sorry they are so rare - I've only seen a couple on the road in my area in the last year!

6th Dec 2006, 17:25

Hi everyone, I'm the lucky owner of one of these Townmates. I have a B reg T80. I was wondering if one of you guys know where I can get a replacement back wheel for my bike, as mine is a little buckled?

My email is the _ gatekeeper _ zero at yahoo.co.uk

Many thanks.

17th Jan 2007, 16:43

I bought a 1997 T80 Townmate for the pricey sum of £117 from a guy off eBay, I took a chance on it being OK as it was listed with no picture and as stolen-recovered. I traveled 150 miles to collect it, and to say it looked sorry was an understatement. However, when I got it home, put a gallon of fuel in it, it fired in 2 kicks and ticked over sweet as a nut! A new exhaust, speedo clock and a lick of paint later, and it was MOT ready. I took it for MOT and passed 1st time!

This is my first foray into motorbikes and I believe I made the right choice in my machine. It's now got a lightly modified engine, glitter paint, chrome wheels, clear indicators and it's good for 60+ mph and still has economy with it.

The C90 is dead, long live the Townmate!!

I need a centre stand for it and I'm having trouble finding one, Poolyboy@hotmail.co.uk if you can help.

18th Jan 2007, 16:19

Well at last I’ve got a Townmate. All for the measly sum of £0.00. Yes that’s right £0.00 nil, nothing, free.

It must be in a right state I hear you say. Well no, I bought a battery £6.49 and a drop of fuel and it started.

The only problem now is the back brake arm. The spines have worn away so I wielded it. Don’t think it will pass an M.O.T though.

I asked the guy what he thought of it; he said he was sick of it, as it would not start unless he put the spark plug in the oven to get it hot? Said he couldn’t sell it or even give it away, so I said you just have.

20th Jan 2007, 21:18

In response to the above comment. If you are planning to MOT the bike, I can supply you with a replacement arm and spline or the full drum if you need one of those, contact me on poolyboy@hotmail.co.uk

I also have a few other spares kicking about if anyone is in dire need.

19th Feb 2007, 10:18

I do not understand why somebody would put the spark plug in a house oven, purely because it would not start unless the plug was hot. This to my mind points to a wet/damp problem. Surely he would have saved himself some burnt hands and plenty of time, by merely giving the plug lead a serious basting of WD40?

23rd Feb 2007, 15:09

Hi all, I have just joined the Club and taken the very bold step of purchasing 1988 T80 Townmate at the bold age of 59. I have enjoyed it so much the last week, that I have today sold my Renault Laguna and this fine bike shall now be my choice for my 115 mile commute. It cost me 125 pounds including a bike helmet and waterproofs from the seller. I expect to get heckled at work the first few days, already had that from my wife and the neighbours, yet I shall have the last laugh finances wise. The Renault was costing me well over 300 Quid in petrol a month just commuting, where as I calculate spending 70 quid a month on the T80 Townmate. Ok it will take an hour longer each way, as I can not use the motorway, but the costs make it worthwhile.

24th Feb 2007, 08:46

So your commute will take an extra 2 hours per day on the T80, instead of by car. I am not sure I could handle that no matter how much money it saved me at the petrol pump. Have you seriously given thought to riding to work in the winter months?

4th Mar 2007, 20:27

Yes, luckily the guy who sold me the bike threw in a one piece Grey Bell Rainsuit. It is a bit old and I have had to tape over two holes, but it will get me down the road for cheap.

6th Mar 2007, 21:10

You are commuting 115 miles each way to the office on an aging T80 Townmate, you have my admiration. Does the bike hold up to that kind of abuse?

7th Mar 2007, 07:22

No, I commute 115 miles a day total. I had to hire a car when we had the snow, for safety. Even if I do this twice a year I am still thousands of pounds ahead. Indeed I shall be off for 10 days to Australia this summer just with the petrol I have saved.